Cost of Opening a Salon

Many people are trying to improve their looks for variety of reasons. This need to especially look good is becoming rampant nowadays. To entrepreneurs, these facts are more than just statistics, it is a big opportunity!

This article gives out some clue on how to estimate the cost of opening a salon.

The cost of opening a salon depends upon the size of business you are trying to envision and the number of clients you are willing to accommodate. Begin by deciding the type of salon you are going to pursue. You can make a small salon and become a private owner or start a large company allowing franchise and share holders. Of course the latter would mean bigger cost. Look for a good place to start your business. You could launch your business in public places which is easily accessible to the people. But if you like you can especially establish your salon in resorts and isolated places in order to give your costumers a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Then try to visualize the theme of your salon. This theme is what would make your salon unique among all the others. You can make a retro style for the oldies or fresh modern style for the young ones. Do you know how this could affect the cost of opening your spa? First you are to pay an interior designer, that would mean money, and then materials and equipments needed to fit the theme of your salon would also mean additional expenses.

So let’s talk about numbers, for example a salon accommodating six chairs and the same number of stylists. The rent for space would run from $75-$125 per square foot. 6 chairs would occupy at least 1,000 square ft. Once you have started, your largest expense would be for the staff. You can pay your stylist by either giving commission or if you want you can make “Booth rentals” for the stylists. In Booth rental, stylists would rent for a chair weekly and would pay you for “rent”. You will need additional staff to serve as the front desk clerk for accommodation and appointments. You will also need someone for the maintenance.

Now let us go to the legal aspects of your business, in applying for a business permit or license you will have to pay as much as $150 for business inspection if it is required. It also depends upon the type of business license you are going to avail, but more or less it would cost you $175 dollars. You have to check your staff for their license and trainings. This will prevent you from fines under the local government. To update your stylists with the latest trends, you can send them to trainings and seminars but you will have to shoulder the cost for these.


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