Commercial Lima Beans Farming

Lima beans are very helpful in a person’s health. In order to have a healthy plantation of this bean, the person should have enough knowledge in growing this bean; commercially or un-commercially.

The right pesticides and fertilizers are very important.

In commercial industry, beans are very productive and one of the bestseller vegetables. This bean has many advantage and a person can get a lot of nutrition by eating. There are procedures that are very important in growing this type of bean.

Nutritional Values in Lima Beans

Like any other legumes, lima beans are a good source of fiber that is dietary. This type of bean can have several distributions in one’s nutrition. One of these contributions is the blood sugar. This bean supplies the right amount of blood sugar that is needed by a person’s health. This also prevents the rising of the blood sugar of the person. Another contribution of this bean is some vitamins and minerals that are very good for the heart. The bean also helps the stability of a person’s cholesterol level. This is very helpful in preventing such heart diseases. Some other minerals can also get in this bean. The minerals are iron, manganese and other related minerals.

How to Plant Lima Beans

In growing lima beans, there are steps to follow. When a lima bean is planted while not following some steps and instructions, the lima bean product will be weak and probably not work. The first step in planting a lima bean is to prepare the garden and choose a garden that has healthy soil. Remove all the unnecessary weeds, grass and even rocks around the garden. After this step, the person should set the seed in a row. The gap of every seed is 4 inches. Then, pushing of the soil in over the beans is the next thing to do. This will bury the seeds for about an inch under the soil. This step will also make the beans be inaccessible into some pests and other animals such as birds and squirrels. The last step is to water the area that is planted daily until the sprout of the plant is visible on the top of the soil.

The Right time to Harvest Lima Beans for Commercial

When a person plants lima beans for commercial use rather than in an owned garden, the person should have enough knowledge on when to harvest products. Some professionals and farmers pick and harvest their products when the beans are already ripe. The ripeness of the product varies from different matters. Weather is the most common reason on changing the time of harvesting. For commercial lima beans, the person should bear in mind that the pods of the beans are ripe and dry 10%. When the beans reached this percentage, it is the right time to harvest.

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