Change of Address Business Letter

The most important aspect that makes a business successful is the customers. Thus, in case you are planning to move your business to other location you should ensure to make a change of address business letter.

This is one way of giving respect to your customers by letting them know that they are important to your business.

Moving your business to a new location requires you to make a change of address business letter. This kind of letter is similar to the usual business letter. If you do not have any idea about doing it you can look for samples in the internet. There are lots of samples available and you can also find guidelines in making the letter.

Guide in Making Change of Address Letter

The first thing you should do is to type on the top of the page the business name and address. This is applicable if you are using paper without the letterhead. At the bottom of the address you should enter the date using the format month, date and year. If you want to address the letter to a specific client you should use formal salutation such as “Dear Mr. Smith”. On the other hand, if you will write the letter to many customers you can use informal salutation such as “Dear valued customer”. In writing the body of the letter it should be direct to the customer. Inform immediately the customer about your change of address. You can write on the second paragraph your gratitude and goodwill for patronizing your business. Below the body you can type the closing salutation as well as your name.
Moreover, a change of address business letter should not only be sent for customers but also to other people related to your business such as suppliers and manufacturers. As much as possible, you should inform them ahead of time so that they will be aware of it. It is necessary especially for suppliers so that they will know where they will send the items in case you have made orders from them. The letter would also help in sending correspondence so that you can receive letters and the likes sent to you.

In like manner, before leaving your current location you should also inform your utility providers such as telephone, electricity, internet and other providers. You should inform them ahead of time so that they can have enough time to disconnect your line and transfer it to your new location. Doing this would prevent problems to transpire while transferring your business from the current place to another. Keep in mind that announcing formally a change of address is very significant for any kind of business. It is god to note that it is your responsibility to let all the concerned persons and agencies to know that your business is changing business.


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