Can Startups Sponsor Green Card

Can startups sponsor green card? Yes, startups can sponsor green card provided that they can comply with the Ability to Pay Requirement. They are also required of proving their ability of paying the salary.

This is also actually determined by the DOL attaches on the year of the application under the labor certification. Apart from it, this also continues until the foreign nationals already get the green card.

The proof of financial stability is therefore essential in sponsoring someone for a green card. Those who have their previous experience consulting with founders and start-up CEOs, the issue may also involve the willingness of startups to sponsor foreign workers for a green card.

In fact, the majority of start-ups are more than willing of sponsoring a foreign worker. There is just a need to ensure that he or she is most qualified for the position. It is just natural for startups (companies or businesses) to look for the most qualified individual for the position.

As mentioned, the real challenge these days is in demonstrating the funds. These are mainly needed in operating a viable business. This only means that they will be required to pay the usual market rate wage of H-1B worker. Other overhead charges and business expenses also need to be paid by the startups that are more than willing to sponsor green card for a foreign employer.

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Many startups foreign nationals usually sponsor green card. This is mainly because they have a huge demand for those people who have a strong background in specific fields. Some startups are also not hiring for the best. This may mean an expensive cost for their part.

And due to the reason that sponsoring a foreign worker for a green card is quite a complex and lengthy procedure, any mistake created may result to the higher costs to pay by an employer. The sponsorship process may cause delays for the worker to finally start working at a small business or company.

In conclusion, green card sponsorship is mainly a serious commitment. And thus, this should be taken seriously by all startups. Due to this reason, many of them hire foreign nationals on a temporary basis. This serves as a test before they finally commit themselves in sponsoring a worker for a green card. Truly, hiring a foreign worker at a particular trial period before the start of the sponsorship process proves to be beneficial for a lot of reasons!

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