Buying a Laser Engraving Machine

You don’t just purchase the first laser engraver you find in the market. If you want to start a laser cutting business, you have to pick the right machine with suitable power and speed.

With the right features included in the engraver, you can accomplish more quality projects and earn higher profits.

Purchasing a Laser Engrave Machine

Once you have decided to start a laser engraving business, you will need to purchase a laser engraving machine. This is very important because the machine can make or break your business. There are other options available in the market like chemical etching, diamond cutting, and sand blasting but the use of the laser engraver has become extremely popular in the recent years. With this machine, you can accomplish many things like engraving metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, acrylic, rubber, and textiles. In comparison to the methods mentioned earlier, the laser engraver requires lower maintenance and it does not wear down easily.

Aside from the engraver, you will also need a computer to create the designs. Thanks to the modern advancements, the machines are more affordable and are now available in various sizes. The power and speed are both vital to success. These factors are directly related to each other which means that the higher the power, the quicker you can accomplish your tasks. You have to consider the projects that you will be getting. If you are going to deal with 1-3 pieces, the cheaper system is already suitable whereas if you are going to handle large projects, you will have to go for the expensive ones.

Other Features to Look Into

For projects that require fine detailing, you will have to get the high precision or servo motors. When handling smaller projects, you can purchase the better and good quality motors because this will allow the computer to control the detailed etching process. You have to check if the machine has beam enhancing optic because this is what makes the machine precise. With auto focus features, the laser can deal with irregular or curved surfaces with ease. You can also check if the laser comes with a light to let you know where the laser is currently pointing.

Older models have less features and it usually does not include the guiding light. Another important feature is the blowing system. The laser can make the surface hot but with this blower cool air will be puffed on the surface. This is already a standard feature although some models don’t have it. Do you want to use a machine with an integrated vacuum? This is great when you’re working with wood, plastic, and other materials. Now that you know some of the features of a typical laser engraver, you can now make the right choice. Consider your budget and from there, you can now shop around for the best deal.

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