Business Process Outsourcing to Philippines

The business process outsourcing is the fastest growing industry around the globe especially in the Philippines.

Here are the tips you need and the insights about the business process outsourcing to the Philippines.

Kinds of BPO Jobs

There is a huge demand of BPO in the Philippines today. The most common job is the call center service which gives jobs to almost a million people. Here are two kinds of BPO jobs in the Philippines.

  • Call Center Jobs

    The contact center or the call centers based here in the Philippines has the capability, specifically industrial capability to customer relations service. This is most often related to the travel services, education, technical support, financial services, online businesses and customer care services. Basically the ability to fluently speak in English which is the primary language medium used in this type of job is the main criteria to get into this BPO job.

  • Medical and Legal Transcription

    In this type of job, they give medical reports, operative reports, some chart notes, therapy and rehabilitation notes, including the hospital reports through the use of the software and facilities from the US. These BPO service providers can give up to 98% accuracy lines of transcription. This has also been a training ground to transcriptionists to help them develop their skills. There has also been a law of certification that processes the companies’ legal services to develop and improve the type or quality in this area of BPO.

Where to Find BPO Jobs?

Most of the time, companies would conduct job fairs around the regions of the Philippines. Mostly, they would conduct this in Metro Manila. They also post job hiring in the internet where there are also a large number of Filipino applicants waiting to be hired in their desired work. These jobs are easy to find for these companies are always on the look for new applicants that will help them expand their businesses.

Salary and Tips in Interviews

Usually, a junior level executive would get P10, 000 to P15, 000 a month. This depends on the performance of the said employee and the quota of him. A customer care representative would start from P6, 000 to P9, 000 and from then on it would rise whenever a representative reaches his quota. Within a year or two, this salary rate would raise up to P8, 000 to P15, 000 a month. Here are the other salary rates of different positions and jobs:

  • Trainers- 10,000 to 15,000
  • Managers- P9,000 to P18,000
  • Training Heads- P20,000-up

To be able to impress your potential employers, an interviewee should look nice when he presents himself to the panel of interviewers. By saying look nice, you should be in corporate or formal attire and make sure that you are well prepared with the questions that they will ask you. You should also prepare your portfolio.

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