Business Process Modeling Definition

Having a business to succeed is sure a lot of work and Business Process Modeling or BPM is required to establish the best sequence of operation and activities inside the organization of a business.

Generally, the Business Process Model is a diagram representation of the chain of activities in an organization.

It normally shows actions, events, links, and connection points in an orderly manner from top to end. Creating a sequence is very important and necessary to most of the business process modeling’s aspect but there are also exceptions especially at higher level of operations. Usually, the BPM includes both the people and the IT processes of an organization. This will make their business more organized and successful in the future.

Focus of the Business Process Modeling

By involvement and implication, the Business Process Modeling focuses on actions, processes, activities, etc. of an organization. The people in departments, teams, etc. who are featured in BPM are divided on what they are doing, to what, for what reason, and when they are doing what, especially when there are different possibilities and options exist just like in a diagram flow. It is cross functional and usually combines the documentations and works of more than one team or department inside the organization of the business. This is important to be able to determine exactly every actions of the people involved in the business.

In situations that are more complex, the Business Process Modeling may include the sequence of activities of the external processes of the organization as well as the systems that are feeding into the main process. In the operations of Business Process Models for large organizations, they are usually analyzed and displayed in a more detailed data due to complexity and scaling. Furthermore, the Business Process Modeling is defined by the different software and computerized tools that are generally used for the application of its method. The standards and the methods constantly evolve and this means that business owners must keep their mind open as to how the Business Process Modeling can be used and what is actually the meaning of it.

The Purpose

The diagram of the Business Process Model is a device that can help an organization to achieve its goal. The finality of the output is an improvement of how the business process will work. The improvement focuses on the value added actions and activities that will make the experience and the customer service much better as well as on significantly reducing time and effort that are wasted. The Business Process Modeling is a very effective approach when focused towards the organization’s operations which can really benefit from the improvement as well as when the people involved are all supportive and on-board.


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