Business Idea Competition

How to evaluate business idea competition is the best way to know what the needed innovations in your business are.

If you are lacking with idea regarding this then here we can help you.

Business idea competition is important to be evaluated. This will give business owners idea on the tactics to make their goods and services ahead of other. This entails process that you should know.
Knowing Your Product, Service, Customers and Competitors

The first thing to do is for you to know exactly what your service and your products are. Determine every minute aspect of your offered services in your business. These include the costs, means of delivery, the manner of providing it and the exact offer that you are giving to your clients. Aside from that, you may also define the customers that you have. Know what they are looking for your products and services and their reason why they are patronizing your products over the others. You also need to describe who your competitors are. Conduct researches on the products that they are offering to their customers. Make use of the information that you can get in their corporate sites, reports and financial statements. Surely, these have marketing materials so you must analyze it. Based from your analysis, find out if your products are far ahead or beyond to what they have.

Competitive Advantage and Financial Statement

Next thing to do is for you to detect advantage in terms of competitiveness. Know what is present in your products that make them better than the offered ones by your competitor. Advantage can be achieved in plenty of means. These include revising the quality of your products, lowering its prices, providing longer warranty or making your service faster. Always put in mind that advantage in competitiveness is just effective in short span. This is because your competitors will eventually notice it and will find solutions in beating it. So make sure that you provide additional innovations with your firm as a whole. Also, financial statement is a must. This will let you think in a more specific manner regarding the why’s and how's of your business. In an easier sense, a financial statement is the calculation of your expected revenue deducted by your expected service. Being realistic is a must.

Analysis of Your Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is also analyzed here. Assess the manner on how you deliver your products to your customers. If there are flaws, make sure that you will construct them. Basically, you need to locate here what the most effective means of connecting your goods and services to the clients is.


Lastly if you have already adapted such changes, you need to think what the current condition of your business is. Think if all the innovations that you made created an edge over the others. Also, you must make sure that you have stored modification plans in your venture just in case the situation requires. There are instances that your competitors might create same strategies, so be prepared.


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