How to be Green in The Office

Out of the many workable tools keeping office culture green if you develop habit to adopt commonest ones it proves mesmerizing. Learn and apply any tip for that purpose to explore greener options. Office decoration especially to go green is noticed everywhere.

They, being in the spotlight, are recent crazes hence the management should spend required funds for environment friendly initiatives to develop better system in the offices.

One can witness a drastic change in the approach towards keeping workplaces environment-friendly almost everywhere in the world. Such steps are best to save energy while maintaining the resources at work to maximum extent. Such steps taken to do so are not the haphazard ones if there is systematic planning. Cheaper and cost-effective options are available.

Initiatives and Approaches

The very first step to go green at workplace is to value nature by different means. A prominent one is to preserve existing energy and avoid lighting wastage. Look at the structures of office buildings and their construction history that supports energy conservation for productivity. Natural light utilization welcomes the going green steps:

  • Make genuine policy and buy energy star-rated light bulbs or fixtures
  • Best use of natural resources and power are efficient tools to maintain greenery
  • Prudent use of equipments including computers helps maintain office atmosphere

Going green in offices won’t be possible until senior management does joint effort with operations team and take keen interest to invest in energy-saving equipments. Focus should be at recycling used assets and finding tools that ensure greenery in those areas. Safety aspects must be prioritized. Focus on hazardous e-wastes and their disposal at right juncture. Offices may also augur using chlorine-free paper with high percentage of post-consumer recycled content that keep environment safe:

  • Develop policy to purchase office supplies and furniture manufactured from recycled materials
  • Prefer fair trade and organic coffee and tea
  • It is advisable to go with organic and local food for office parties or regular events
  • Arrange filtered drinking water to suppress bottled-water waste scene at office

Healthy Office Environment

Using nontoxic cleaning products and brightening up office through cubicles with plants absorb indoor pollution and turn it completely green. So is the case with free of volatile organic compounds furniture sets that hardly contain toxic chemicals. Such environment friendly steps are measures to turn workplaces worthy where energy is saved. Do apply eco-friendly workplace to ensure office environment is changed with efficient resources that help improve health and well-being of coworkers. Keep researching for better options and ensure spirit of each member kept high.

Non-toxic cleaning products, regular cleaning and opening windows for air flow remains best steps, so do offices as non-smoking zones. Air purifier and planting near the desks help keep offices greener.


  • nilam thapa said on July 6, 2014
    dear sir/madam, i am a MBA student. I am writing a business plan for going green at workplace. How am i able to do this business? I hope to hear forward from you. Thank You!
  • Sandip Sutar said on December 21, 2015
    Dear sir/madam I am student I agree with green house business please say how is work in this plan.


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