Becoming a Mobile Veterinarian Service Provider

Becoming a mobile veterinarian service provider is really easy especially if you are already a certified veterinarian. All you need now is a truck that you can use for transportation and other essential equipment.

You will also need to hire staffs including a driver and 1-2 handlers. The income is great especially if you get a lot of customers.

The Requirements for Becoming a Mobile Veterinarian

Almost every household in the US have pets. Because of this, there is also an increasing need for veterinarians. Most of the clinics are located within the city limits and so if you live far away from the city, it will be hard to take your sick dog to the vet. Homeowners are willing to spend for their pets’ treatment and so it would be a great idea to become a mobile veterinarian service provider. With the mobile service, you can easily reach potential customers and provide them with excellent service.

How much will this kind of business cost you? With $20,000 or less, you can already launch your mobile vet business. If you are planning to cross borders, you might as well get a bigger truck so that you get treat several pets on a certain location. This will definitely cost you more than $20,000 and if your capital investment is insufficient, you can always seek funding from lenders. You will offer services like vaccinations, spay/neuter, feline declaw, dental care, heartworm prevention, tick and flea control, and minor vet procedures.

Pricing, Advertising, Income

You also need to follow certain guidelines when it comes to pricing your services. Depending on the location of your home (e.g. 20 miles from your house), you can charge $20 - $40 as service charge. Now, the fee will depend on the pet’s condition. Basic services can be charged lower while the specialized services can be charged with a higher price. Make sure that you utilize the best marketing strategies. You can provide brochures and other reading materials together with flyers, business cards, and other forms of advertising. You can also advertise in the Yellow Pages so that potential clients can easily find you.

What equipments are you going to need? As a vet, you will need several equipments and the most expensive is the vehicle. You will also need carriers, kennels, and crates. Make sure that you adhere to the guidelines of IPATA (Independent Pet and Animal Transport Association). You will also need sinks and water refills inside the vehicle. Don’t forget to employ extra help like drivers and handlers. As a licensed vet, you will not find it hard to serve your customers and you can also train or supervise the handler/s. your income will depend on the size of your truck and the customers that you have. However, there are those that earn six figures in a year.


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