Becoming a Hairdresser

Do you have a great passion in hair styling and you aim of becoming a hairdresser someday?

Pursuing a career in hairdressing entails a deep interest on this well-paid profession and a good chance to show the world your artistry and creativity; for that reason here are the steps on how to be a hairdresser and be reputable in the fashion industry.

Becoming a Hairdresser, an Artistic Profession

As you are watching your favorite celebrities on their movies, commercials, and TV shows the first thing you will notice is the way they look in front of the camera. Making them beautiful and attractive at all times is the product of artistic works of a hairdresser. Just like make-up artists, hairdressers contribute a lot on the overall appearance of an individual through styling their hair applying the latest trends in the world of fashion. If you think that you have the skills to cut, to color, to straighten, and to perform other hairdressing jobs, obviously you are qualified of becoming a hairdresser and excel on this kind of vocation.

Becoming a hairdresser involves a deep passion on this artistic job and once your customers are satisfied with your work then building a good portfolio will be easy and simple. This profession is also suitable to start your own business if you have the complete equipments and an ample space to work with your clientele. Big cities and metropolis are also looking for the expertise of skilled hairdressers as the demand increases due to the growth of the industry. Pursuing on this creative line of work is possible by learning the steps on how to be a trustworthy hairdresser of the community.

Learning How to Be a Hairdresser in few Steps

Aspiring hairdressers can reach their dream in just few steps. If you’re determined to show the world how artistic you are in hairdressing, here are the things you need to do in pursuing your chosen career.

  • Education is important. Education still has a big importance even in the profession of hairdressing. It is very important to learn the basic principles of hairdressing as well as the safety procedures in performing the vocation. However, unlike other profession which requires a bachelor degree in college and takes at least four years to finish a course, the vocation of hairdressing can be completed within a year through short-term courses. There are community colleges within the city that offers short-term program about the vocation. Some private institutions also offers free-education through sponsorship from big companies, if you can find one then grab this opportunity at once.
  • Enhance your passion and skill through sufficient Training. During the short-term program take advantage on the hands-on opportunities or on-the-job training that will enhance your skill and to learn the latest trend in fashion. You can also do part-time jobs with some beauty salons or respective hotels in the community. This is also a good way in building your portfolio.
  • Decide for your career and work with passion. Once you’re done with your education and training, decide if you want to work with private businesses or be self-employed by opening your own beauty salon. If you think that you’re budget permits to open your own business then look for a space which is accessible to your clientele. Satisfy your clients with your creativity and smooth jobs and for sure they’ll come back to you regularly.

Moreover, the salary of a hairdresser depends if you’re working in a private business or self-employed. According to, it was estimated that the average income of a hairdresser in a yearly basis is about $19,000.00 or $50 per day as recorded in 2002.

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  • Thomas modupe said on February 11, 2013
    Hairdressing is just about acquisition of skills ,determination and focus on it as a vocation. one have to know the various trends and strategies towards applying the basic ethics and principles towards achieving it.


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