Automated Income Streams

The good thing about having internet in our lives is that we are capable of creating automated income streams.

Here are some tips on how to make your automated income streams online.

Network Marketing

This type of marketing helps you create an automate income stream. This is done by making large down line of distributors. This means that the larger down line you make, the more income it gives you. It is known that later on you will have to reach the point that you are gaining income whether you work or not. When you decide to do network marketing, you should have discipline. This is the key to every kind of job. You should have the ability of being disciplined in all the things you do. This type of marketing is also known as residual income or a walk away income. This is an automated income stream because it automatically gives you money every month and that is whether you continue working or you stop working.

The good thing about network marketing is that when you start networking and there are already large numbers of distributors, you are free to do anything you want. You are not obliged to work too much because you are receiving money on a monthly basis whether you work or not.

More website

By making two or more websites, you are developing in another way an automated income stream. To be successful on this, you should make your first website profitable first before you even think of making another one. Once you already have a developed website of your own, it is normal that traffic would occur. But do not worry too much because even if it comes on a consistent basis, surely you are going to branch it out later. The secret on branching this out is to get the first site profitable as mentioned before then make or develop a system that will sustain the traffic on a monthly basis. The latter is the one that will help you branch out the traffic.


Blogging is the newest craze online. This is another way of creating automated income streams. To gain profit from your blog, you can try monetizing it with programs and products that gives your visitors more options. Just like the websites, you should make your first blog profitable before you even think of creating another blog. There should be a system in place to enable you on placing or adding new content to your blog. This is the key in making blogs work. Also, blogging allows you to blog on things. You may not be interested at first on the things you blog about but your readers might make use of it or they might be the ones interested. Use articles which are originally made by you. You may also hire some freelance writers to do the job for you.


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