Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Having passion for the latest fashion trends can put you at an advantage. This is your chance to satisfy your fashion inclinations and at the same time earn considerable profits.

Start your own business today. If you want to start a wholesale fashion accessories business, you will need to develop your own business plan.

Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Do you love fashionable items? If you’re always following the latest fashion trends, it would be great idea to start your own wholesale fashion accessories. This is your chance to earn huge profits while satisfying your fashion needs. Starting a wholesale fashion accessories business is quite easy as long as you have a business plan. To develop the plan, you need to conduct a thorough market research to identify if there is a need for such business. Since you’re planning to sell fashion items in wholesale, it would be an added advantage if you create an online business website as well. That way, you can reach out to a wider customer base.

What items can you sell? Well, you can sell various kinds of fashion accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, purses, and many others. You will need to identify the items that are saleable these days. You can conduct a local survey and from there, you can base your orders. Getting the inventory is very important especially if you’re going to sell the fashion accessories to local retailers. Find a reputed supplier of fashion accessories or if you want, you can also find a manufacturer of these items. Since you’re going to purchase items in bulk, you will have to negotiate for discounts and special deals.

Location, Licensing, and Capital

Find a location for the store and design the interior once you’ve purchased furniture, fixtures, and other necessities. You will have to get a larger store space because you will be holding large inventory. Find retailers of fashion accessories and sell the items in wholesale. You can still make considerable profits especially if you got the orders at very low prices. A wholesale business will require a larger capital, so you need to create a business plan. The plan can be used to secure business loans that you can use to lease out the store space and buy inventory.

Secure a business license once you’ve chosen a name for the business. Pick a catchy and attractive name so that clients can easily remember you. Promote the business weeks before the grand opening. You can post flyers in bulleting boards or in other high traffic areas. Visit department stores and other retail stores that sell wholesale fashion accessories. Offer them competitive pricing so that they will patronize your business. Monitor all your financials to ensure that you’re earning great profits. Take note of all expenses and keep the receipts. To make things easier, you can use accounting software. Start your business today.


  • dennis said on July 24, 2010
    whats the best country to go and buy and sell to australia, also do you think will need designer to help me out really want to be a businessman as it really a lot please tell me whats the best in marketing now thanks
  • rachna said on October 7, 2010
    Dear Dennis, We hereby introduce Ourself as Beezcraft Mfrs. & Exporters of Fashion Accessories, Handicrafts & gifts, homedecor. based in India &Thailand. We have a wide variety of gifts items ,Fragrances. Incense,candles & coasters , fashion belts , buckles & hair accessories etc. We can provide you the above mentioned requirements. please write us your requirement in details. We also undertake custom work , for more information please write to us your interest so we can send you pictures and prices. Looking forward for a fruitful business relationship. Best Regards,
  • Sham said on April 24, 2011
    hi there, i'm from Penang, Malaysia. i'm interested to know more about your products and prices especially on the fashion accessories, gifts and all ladies accessories. kindly pls mail me more details. Thanks n regards, Sham
  • babyluckbitancur said on January 20, 2014
    pls email me sample of your different products so i have an idea on your fashion accessories. thanks and more power!
  • Ruchi Agarwal beginner adviser said on March 24, 2016
    Hi Everybody,I am Ruchi Agarwal, a designer from India, supplying accessories like Tote bags/ fancy hand bags/stoles and scarves and belts/Floating candles etc in new and trendy designs. We are also entertaining small quantities.For any inquiry kindly contact on my no. 7208071800. Thanks:) REGARDS, rUCHI

    ruchi_agarwalnifty2005@yahoo.co.in || Consultant


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