Where to Get Business Loans

Starting up a business requires sufficient funds to meet the needs. Obtaining business loans is one of the options that most business owners endowed.

However, most of them do not know where to get business loans.

Starting a new business with insufficient start up capital is the hindrance of realizing your dream. Applying for business loan can help to make the business get off the ground. It is not a big issue to obtain business loan as there are lots of banks and other lending companies that offer such loan scheme. However, before you decide to obtain business loans you should first consider other options.

Things to Consider in Applying for Business Loans

The first thing that comes in mind when planning to apply for business loan is where to get such loan scheme. Obviously, bank is the first place that comes in mind when it comes to business loan. Nevertheless, you should take into account the factors involve in getting business loan from bank. Keep in mind that there are lots of factors to consider in applying for business loan from banks. The bank would require some documents to ensure if your application will qualify. In this sense, you need to create business plan that you can present to the bank. Make sure to include all the necessary details in the business plan. Likewise, some banks require collateral according to the amount borrowed and at the same time requires credit worthiness check. That is why business owners who do not have good credit rating are hesitant to apply for business loan from banks.

Another option where you can get business loan is from lending companies. Although they require documents yet it is minimal as compared to banks. The good thing about borrowing money from lending companies is that they do not require credit check. This is good news for those who want to apply business loan yet hesitant because of bad credit rating. Thus, if you want to start a new business yet have bad credit record you can look for lending company to accept your application.

On the other hand, when applying for business loan you should think about the working capital you need. This is because the business loan that you can obtain depends on the available funds you have at hand. It is significant to consider the amount of business loan to take. As much as possible you should only apply for the amount needed and you can afford to repay. In this way you can avoid aggravating the financial needs rather establish financial stability. In addition, you should make research about other options before deciding to get business loans. There are different loan schemes available that would suit your financial needs. This way, you can have the opportunity to make the right decision.


  • suguna said on August 21, 2012
    I am living at arkkonam, vellore. I plan to do my home as guest house. Because now a days mnc staffs staying for rent base, in our home, if I have 3 lakhs, I can change my home for guest house. Monthly I can earn nearly 50 thousand. Plz, help me to get loan, I can repay in short period. My contact no is 9442152809. And 04177230800.
  • Piyush Tyagi said on February 25, 2013
    I want to open a small catering college in Meerut. I have around 13 plus years of Industry experience and i am confident of running the same. Need a venture capitalist to fund it .Location is Meerut city, India.
  • Ramesh jain said on January 2, 2014
    Hi I am ramesh jain I have already have a show room in banglore around 1500 sqft my business is good but due some financially problem I am thinking that I used to add partner or any business loan can I get pls. give me idea or my pn number 9964605805 //08026625805
  • Mokadi hezekiel said on January 11, 2014
    I ask a loan to start a business juice and smoothies bar .so if you borrowed me R250 000 i will thank
  • Victor Motiang said on May 3, 2014
    I hv 5yrs experience on livestock farming n currently I run 15 white brahman cattle on a 1000ha of communal land, I need a loan to expand my operation contact:0810360097
  • thimmaiah said on May 25, 2014
    Hi. i am frm bangalore manufacturing coffee powder
  • anupamabn said on July 2, 2015
    Hi, We are into printing business in Bangalore I need loan to execute the corporate orders and I don't hv anything as collateral
  • swati pawar said on September 8, 2015
    I own a shop at malwani mhada complex, around 550 sq.ft. I want to start with ladies garment and dress material. I, am also arranging a tailor for stitching purpose. Tough, I own the shop, I am running short of working capital of around 5to6lakhs. I want a guidance from where can I arrange this amount. I am a retired person and has a pension of rs.20000p/m.
  • Cosmas Garatsa said on April 24, 2016
    I want to start a game cafe if you help me I will be glad.


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