Telesales Closing Techniques

Telesales or telemarketing is one of the effective ways to promote a product as well as a service. Companies use this strategy in order to acquire more clients.

However, the method should be done effectively in order for them to be attracted to what you are offering.

How can Telemarketing be Effective in a Business?

Changes happen every day especially in our technology, but in spite of all these changes there are ways that remain to be very effective. One good example of this is the telesales. Offering your business through this method has been proven to be helpful. However, you won’t get any client if you won’t do it the right way.

Telemarketing is done in an office or in a call center company but you can also conveniently do this at your home. There are two categories involved in telesales these are business-to-consumer transaction and business-to-business. Prospective clients can be determined if that individual has purchase history on the company. However, it can also be identified through its credit limit, application forms, and other methods that will allow the company gather names that can be their clients in the future. It is also possible to acquire client’s information from other company’s database or in telephone directory.

Techniques you can do for a Better Telesales Closing

One of the important parts in telesales is of course getting in touch with clients. Some has mastered the process with ease but there are those that find it hard to do. The key to this process is to contact a client and speak to it naturally. Just imagine yourself talking to your parents or a friend but since they are clients you will have to be more polite and patient to whatever it says. At some point of your telesales you’ll experience individuals that are not really interested on what you are offering. When this happen never lost hope instead continue to look for more prospects, the following might help you overcome it:

  • Never make your client feel that you are not confident talking to them

    When you are talking with a client never show them any signs of weakness that will allow them to think that you are vulnerable to rejection. Your voice must stay clear and firm to every word that you say until you are closing the conversation.

  • Know your product

    Master all of the information that you need to know about the product that you are selling because it is possible that your client will ask question about it. To avoid hesitation in answering it, always study the details included. When you master your product well it will be easy selling it.

  • Be competitive but stay stress free

    If you want to become a successful telesales individual, you need to continue improve yourself and be competitive. Set goals to reach but never compete to others instead take them as inspiration to lessen stress.


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