Steps in Business Planning Process

Business planning process entails several steps. When these are followed, it will surely influence the productivity of any business that you have.

Steps in business planning process are discussed in this write up.

The steps in business planning process that you may find in here will supply you with insights that you may adapt in the planning process of your firm.

Business Mission, Vision and Analysis

The first step that you should do is to create the mission and vision of your business. In order to come up with the best mission and vision, you must try to have first-hand data from different stakeholders. Their opinions will generally give you idea on how they view your business. These must be in a way that will help you combat the challenges that you might face as you are already operating your firm. The next step that you should do is to analyze the operation and business. In here, you have to identify what are your current strengths and learn ways on how to improve them. In addition, you must also detect the weaknesses that you have and modify them to be your strengths.

Strategy and Objectives

The next step is for you to create and choose strategic selections. In doing such, you should learn how to prioritize some of the goals and objectives of your business. Use the inputs that you can get from your possible stakeholders. These are particular data that you may use in order to come up with competent strategy for your business. After that, you may now have your strategic objectives. Once you have executed these steps, you will have a picture in your mind regarding the actual organization of your venture. In order to effectively have the best objectives for your venture, you must adapt the characteristics of an objective which is SMART. This means that it should be systematic, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound.

Execution and Resource Allocation

The next step for you is the actualization of your strategic plan. It is very much vital to make a strategy that is very much strong. This feature will be your main tool in order to feel the effectiveness of a plan. Once the strategy is weak, the tendency is that in its implementation, it will not help you to surpass the diversity of the market. Then after the implementation of the plan, you may now allocate the resources that you have. In order to manage every bit of business matters, you must assign some of your colleagues to take responsibility of some of the allocation activities.


Lastly, you must evaluate the plan that you have implemented. This will let you assess if there are flaws in the plan that you executed. Thus, you will have the chance to revise it and supply what are the needed modifications for those matters.


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