Starting Spray Foam Insulation Business

Do you know that there is high demand for green buildings and houses? No doubt, insulating a structure with spray foam insulation could be a practical way to make energy-efficient homes and offices.

In addition, the Department of Energy in the U.S. strongly recommends this with hurricane-prone areas. We can show you how to start spray foam insulation business here.

Polyurethane foam is a form of thermostat plastic. It takes a permanent shape when allowed to catalyze and combine. When sprayed, it sets in three seconds and expands 30 times to fill every corner. It’s virtually waterproof and structurally strong. As a result, spray foam insulating is the best insulation today.

Spray Foam Insulation Business Guide

The standard equipment for Spray Foam Insulation Business is a foam machine, paint equipment, air compressor, generator, and holding tanks. Scheduling is absolutely important since you only have about 2-4 hours to spray the foam especially if you’re doing the roof. This is because you need to wait for the dew to dry, the wind to slow down, and the sun to provide adequate heat.

One tip to make the process easier for you would be to load the foam the evening or day before since it’s easier to spray if warmed up. For your trailer, it’s recommended to have one compartment for the foam machine together with its hoses, another one for the small electric compressor producing air for the spay gun, and a third one for supply and parts storage.

Spray Foam Insulation Business Plan

Spray foam insulation is eco-friendly and is fast becoming the preferred home insulation nowadays. Here are some considerations before starting your Spray Foam Insulation Business:

  • Find out if you have enough financing or capital to start this business. You need about $100,000 as starting investment for the equipment and other incidental expenses. In addition, you need to make sure that you can work in confined spaces and haul heavy equipment.
  • Determine if your area has a need for a Spray Foam Insulation Business. Check out the yellow pages for existing businesses under “insulation” and size up your competition. It’s best if you bring your business into environment friendly cities. Also, find out the fees and licenses in setting up your business in that city. Consider working as an apprentice or employee for this business first if you feel that you need more experience before plunging into full business ownership.
  • Definitely, you would need an appropriate vehicle to carry the equipment for your clients. Some operators typically use a trailer or truck set-up while others are satisfied with panel vans. Then, if you’re good to go, you can advertise and sell your services in the community by networking with remodelers and local builders.

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