Starting an Organic Food Store

Because of the fact that health is wealth, organically produced foods are now becoming so popular in the industry. They are foods which do not contain chemicals and preservatives because they are designed to provide human body with all nutritious benefits.

If you are one of the health-conscious individuals in this planet and you love to farm, then starting your own organic food store can be the one which will provide you lots of profit.

To get started, you must be able to find a very ideal location which can be your food store. A popular area must be your place of commerce because of the fact that it has lots of human traffic. Aside from the chance of getting more profit, you will also be able to cut expense costs because you no longer have to exert much effort and spend some bills in advertising and promotions. After finding your prospected location, you must immediately canvass on its renting cost so that you can include it in your financial budget.

Starting Your Own Organic Food Store

Every business starts in business planning because this will be the one to direct the entire flow of the business. This also covers everything from the financial planning to the advertising strategies. The following are just some of the expenses which must be included in the expected expenses: advertising costs, organic food, Internet, phone, electric and rent. In order for you to leave a good impression to the lenders, you must be able to prove through the business plan on how you will be able to make use of the money you will be lending from them.

A certification is very important so that you will gain the trusts of the organic food industry and the customers as well. It is the United States Department of Agriculture which has the authority to certify any organically produced food. But if you just want to sell organic foods, you don’t need to get this certification anymore. If you want to grow organic foods your own, this is a prerequisite for you.
In selling organic foods, you need to purchase first from a certain manufacturer. Since there are lots of manufacturers which specialize in organic farming, it is very important that you establish a good relationship with them so that you can get discounts.

You also need to deal with a farmer’s market in your area. In order for you to earn good money, you can negotiate for a good price with them and resell the foods you have bought for a higher price. Aside from benefitting yourself, you can also benefit farmers through this business because they can save lots of green bills on the shipping costs.

Next, you have to get local permits and licenses. In order for you to have a proper taxation process, you need to register with the Internal Revenue Service. The Small Business Administration is also a very helpful department which can answer all your queries concerning the legality of your business.


  • shubha srinivasan said on December 14, 2012
    hi i am planning an organic store bangalore east in a residential area, please help me train myself in this business and start in few months later ...please let me know whom to approach for all my business needs. regard s, shubha
  • Vuyokazi ngwane said on February 7, 2013
    I have found a piece of land in Durban, south africa. Which vegetables to grow as i want to sell them


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