How to Start a Food Packaging Business

As we all know, food is the most basic necessity that we can never live without. Since it is a necessity, considering a business which is all about foods is such a very lucrative one. So, why don’t you try your luck in starting up a food packaging business? In the year 2009, the total income of the Unites States for packaged goods was up to $58 billion.

This is because of the fact that packaged foods are now very popular in every U.S. corner since families no longer have the time to cook due to their busy lifestyle.

If you think you have what it takes to run a food packaging business, then you must proceed in drafting your well-detailed business outline which includes your goals. Your biggest consideration must be placed on your target market and your niche as well. By doing that, you will have a clear focus in making sure that all the aspects of your business and transactions are monitored.

Starting Your Own Food Packaging Business

Since there are lots of food types in the market today, you must select the one which you need to sell. Will it be candies, cooked foods, cookies, bread, etc.? In deciding, you must of course investigate which is highly demanded by customers to make sure that your venture will be a complete success.

Another decision you have to make is buying a packaged food from a retailer or from a wholesaler. For you to come up with a very accurate and guided decision, one industry which can be very helpful to you is no other than Gourmet Retailer because this can give you business information and current statistics.

A business must have a legal operation so you need to get the requirements needed by the state for your business operation. In some states for you to successfully operate food packaging business they will be requiring training in food handling. Now, if you are planning to operate your business at the comfort of you four-cornered home, the Public Health Department will conduct an inspection to the food and as well as the to the place of food preparation. If you plan to widen your horizon and to ship to other states, then you have to comply with the federal regulations.

In any business, the capital is also very important. But you don’t have anything to worry about regarding this matter because the Small Business Association aids businessmen in offering both local and national information and resources on capital raising.

The location of this business is also very important because this can be the first step for getting business license and permits according to MarketLooks, a researcher. For you to know the required licenses and permits, the licensing office will be the one to inform you.


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    Greetings! I am Skippy of the Philippines. I would like to start up a small vegetable wholesale packing business. I know the basics of it but I do not know how to start and the internal sides of it. Can you pls help me with the necessary information that will guide me with this project. Thank you!
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    ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. I read your resource and its great. I want to go in to the business of packaged food here in My country Nigeria. Could you help me with a research material on packaged food business. Business location is Lagos Nigeria. Thank you.
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    Hi. I reside in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria. I am desirous of going into food packaging for export and intra - city supply to malls and marts. Must I secure the market outlets first or do I engage in the cultivation of the produce?
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    Writing from Lagos nigeria. Kindly help me with articles and info regarding food packaging as I would like to go into the business. Thanks
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    I am interested in oatmeal (fufu) packaging business. in Lagos .my name is Rita.
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    Hello I want to go into palmnut cream packaging but I don't know the preservation process but I know must about palmnut
  • Gary said on June 6, 2016
    Hi i'm on the moon and have a food packaging business. I'm finding really difficult to find customers. Can you help? So far I have found Mr Spoon and a few hundred people on a Malaysia airways flight but that is it! Can you HELP!!! ME!!!!
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    hi, am rene from kenya. i am interested in starting a fast food packaging company. any advice?
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