Starting an Event Planning Company

Several important occasions call for professionals for event planning, that is why this particular business venture is not only very popular but also a profitable source of income for those interested in planning events and occasions.

Event planning encompasses a wide range of services that are offered to the customers.

There are many things to consider in event planning including the actual venue, the decorations, the food and dining, the itinerary for the day, the program, photography etc and this will all depend on the actual event. With that you will need to first review on the different types of events and what services are offered at each.

Before starting out with any business it is essential to do a considerable amount of research and pre planning. Find out what is most popular at particular occasions and list down these in detail. Try to discover your own services and other ways on how to make your event planning business unique. With that you will also require professional help from actual event planners. If you are not in the know yourself you will need to hire trained professionals. If you wish to take the reins in this type of business yourself then consider taking advice from someone in the know. With that you need to garner enough experience from event planning and do your own research on the steps that need to be taken.

Event planning deals with a variety of different businesses and companies. Examples of which includes caterers, video and photography services as well as many others depending on the type of event you will be planning. With that noted and your planning list on hand start scouting for these businesses and be able to generate partnerships with them. These companies will always be happy to share your customers for their own benefit so do not hesitate to strike good deals with them and discuss the details in the presence of a legal consultant and an accountant in order to get all the details worked out.

With all this planning you will need an office to meet with your customers. The office for event planners need to be too large with many bells and whistles as these customers will only need to meet with at least one person to discuss the details of the event planning. In other cases you will be more of on field as you will be visiting various establishments and discussing with your clients on the options on the road. Because of that you may not need to meet up in the office regularly so you may want to consider and office at home especially if you are just starting out and the budget is tight.

Once you have settled the above details it is time to set up your services. Put together packages and deals that will deem attractive to your customers and potential customers. Keep in mind that your business is merely at the infancy stages and will not have much popularity with the public so keep the prices reasonable and attractive. Advertise accordingly after you have set up all the details.


  • Rose Mary Jose said on December 7, 2010
    hai, i'm rose. I am interested in starting a small scale event management company which mainly deals with wedding planning for the middle class population in kottayam ; kerala. Is there any need for legal registration to start a company.
  • sherrie pathak said on May 21, 2012
    hey i wanted to start an event management company at small scale. how much funds i'll need to start this company and are there any legal requirements to be fulfill in this company?
  • Dilip patel said on October 22, 2012
    I wanted to start an event management company at small scale. How can I start. plz give me sum basic Knowledge. my city is rajkot gujrat.


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