Starting a Production Business

If you are linked to films and in the silver screen, why don’t you try to start your own business which centers in production? This article will provide you the necessary information that you can use in making sure that your production business will be a success.

Three of the most popular entrepreneurs who succeeded in this business are George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola.

For you to know how you will start, you must first be sure that the production business is what you want to venture into. Of course, this includes your passion and expertise in films and all things which relate to the silverscreen. You also need to decide if you will establish your business alone or with the help of some friends. If you don’t have enough capital, then the best option is to team up with your friends who are also into this kind of industry.

How to Start a Production Business

The other aspects of this business must also be dealt with careful attention and focus. So, you always need to be guided with a business plan so that everything will fall into place. You also need to conduct lots of brainstorming because the more idea, the better. Of course, to keep a record of all the ideas, there must be someone to take down notes. By appointing someone to do the task, the following information will be recorded: film ideas, company names, time frames and assigned duties.

A person to take good care of the paperwork must also be assigned. He must be the one to follow the tax and financial situations as well as the documentation of every activity that takes place. The taxes, fees, certificates and paperwork must be maintained so that no time will be wasted.

Next, you have to go over the purposes and goals of your planned production company with the entire team. By revisiting these goals regularly, you will keep focus on your endeavor. For your production business to be a successful one, writing a work ethic that will specify the standard policies for the business will let the team know their respective duties and tasks. To be fair with everyone, it must also specify uniform work load during the daily operation of your business.

You also need to read lots of scripts and books. Networking with screen writes is also very important because you will be able to read their work and to interest them in screenplay writing based on the books which you have secure rights.

In this business, you need to be focused and on the go in securing your new clients by uniting in keeping the production company thriving. Agents are also very important in your networking task because you need to look for talents which can be paid low talent fee

Network with agents and look for new, up-and-coming talent that will not cost as much for you to secure for your first films. For you to get enough funding, you must also have good relationship with investors who invest in any motion pictures.


  • Ejay Age said on January 20, 2011
    Warri city,Delta state, Nigeria. This article has been very helpful. I would need more insights because reside in the UK but am thinking of going back home(Nigeria) to start up something after my studies.
  • eky jone said on April 18, 2011
    can any one help me with information of school chalk production. may be a feasibility study. karu city, F.C.T ,Nigeria
  • Larry said on November 24, 2011
    I just stumbled on this lovely site. @ eky Jones, I don't know if U already got the chalk prod. lessons. If U are still in need of it, then call me here 08099379747. Live in Abuja Kubwa.
  • Sanjay Kumar said on January 6, 2012
    dear i want to start a new and small scale business. but i don't know what i should do. i live in haryana (india). so please suggest me for new and small business. kindly help me. thanx, Sanjay Kumar 09813897618,09218524633
  • Nishant Singh said on August 8, 2012
    I want to setup small scale manufacturing unit in Patna Bihar, India
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    hi.. i want to start a small business in my village . actually i want to utilise our human power of village because most of the people are so poor and always go out from village for year only for the money, so please suggest me a small business in rural area with lowest investment. Satna, Madhya pradesh, India.
  • Abhinavy said on January 25, 2013
    Sir i am from jabalpur M.P .plz suggest me about the business type? which i can do in jabalpur. I am also interested in production (manufacturing) business. plz suggest me. Thank You.
  • Karungi Susan Ateenyi said on June 10, 2013
    I want to start chalk production as a small business at home, who can train me? I am a Ugandan from Kampala
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    I'm interested in starting a business with import and export, please help me
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    Dear Sir, I would like to join in electrical contracting company as working partner at chennai. Please let me know the opportunity if any. I have worked in India and abroad for the last 32 years and at present working as a general manager in a contracting company at Oman. Will be settling down in chennai in this year end.
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    I want to start production(manufacturing, mech.) Business pl guide. Also guide about rental equipment business pl.


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