Starting a Placemat Advertising Business

Are you looking for a business that will provide you financial security? Don’t you want to sell any type of goods because it is easily affected by recession?

Then you can try having a placemat advertising business especially if you have advertising skills.

The lifeblood of any type of business is advertising. In that case, restaurants are also not exempted. In this article, you will know how to run a placemat advertising business even at the comfort of your home. But to succeed, make sure that you will pour out all your dedication and skills as well.

Things You Need to Get Started

In this kind of business, you need to have facilities that will secure your production of high quality placemats. They are as follows: business license, samples, form paper and form printer.
Other Things You Need to Do

You need to make a contact with the Internal Revenue Service to file your business license form and sales tax ID form. You should also purchase a paper and form printer.
Next, you have to get the list of the businesses in your area or city through Internet resources, phone book or Yellow Pages directories. After this step, you should make a list of the restaurants that are within a 15-mile diameter of the different business on the previous list you have made.

After that, you should make a sample placemat by simply selecting a restaurant to place it at. The measurement should be 5”x3”. Then, you should divide the sample placemat into an ad space around the logo of the restaurant.

The cost analysis is a very important aspect of business because this will determine your income and other business expenses. So, you have to decide the amount that you will charge for every ad space. To make everything organized, you should also make a brochure with all the pricing included.

When the ad has already been laid out and finalized, you should print several copies of it. Next, you should go to the restaurant and talk to its owner. Two of the things you need to know are the foot traffic on a daily basis and the number of placemats.

After that, you should go to the businesses that are placed on the placemat sample. You should also talk to the person in charge of the ad. To make the transaction organized and clear, you should also present the placemat with the pricing break down.

When the ad space has already been sold, you should mock up your placemat by using either the business image or the business card of the business. After that, the placemats must be printed and delivered to the certain restaurant.

All the steps must be repeated for all the remaining restaurants.


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