Starting a Physician Assistant Business

The means employed in starting a physician assistant business are somehow similar to those of other types of business. But these similarities are only in some ways.

One big difference of a physician assistant business to other business venture is through a training program.

Physician Assistant Program

These particular programs offer specific training to those who are aspiring to be physician assistants. They also prepare these aspiring people to the national certifying examination being administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. This examination is a requirement before one obtains their license in this particular profession and before they can practice their profession. Although this certain profession is new to our society, it is fast spreading. And the numbers of those who want to enter such profession are rapidly increasing. This is the very reason for you to establish your very own training program.

Essential Elements of a Physician Assistant Program

If you are planning to establish a physician assistant training program, you need to learn first the essential elements that such programs possess. Bear in mind that this training program is not your average kind of business. It needs vast knowledge about medicines. Consequently, one element for you to know is that most programs have clinical teaching affiliations by means of several medical schools. That is why in hiring your staff, you must be certain that they have medical experiences and that they are qualified enough to teach in certain fields of medicine. As much as possible, seek some of the already licensed physician assistant to have a lecture in your programs. If you will conduct a survey of other training programs, you will probably notice that most of them are located at hospitals, allied health schools, academic health centers, medical schools and the like. So, you might want to start hunting for medical schools because they are the best place to establish your training program.

In addition, physician assistant training programs need to be accredited. As a matter of fact, in the year 2008, there are already 142 training programs which were duly accredited. The agency who manages the accreditation of these programs is the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARCEPA). Most of these programs offered master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, as well as associate degrees. These are the possible degrees that you have to offer to the public. Select on one of them. The one that you deem is suitable for you and your staff. Have a research about these programs for you to be properly guided.

You must also take into account the numbers of your students. Make sure that you can accommodate all of them. You have to lay down the requirements also before admitting them. One of the common requirements of most programs is that all applicants must have already attained a college degree which is related to medicine. You also have to plan for the subjects of your programs and your classrooms. And most importantly, the timeframe of your training programs that you offer to each batch of students. Almost all the training programs give their students two years maximum to complete their education.


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