Starting a Horse Riding Camp

If you want to start a horse riding camp, you will need to begin with a business plan. This will serve as your guide to achieving success. Find an ideal location (e.g. existing land space that you own) and prepare for the construction of the stables and arena.

Purchase the needed equipment and supplies. Don’t forget to carry out advertising methods.

Starting a Horse Riding Camp

Do you love horse riding? If you do, then you can use your passion as a driving force to start your own business. Starting a horse riding camp is a great idea to earn considerable profits. Since you will be putting up a camp, you will need a large space of land. If you own a vacant land that is easily accessible, you can use it for business purposes. To get started, you will need to work on a detailed and comprehensive business plan. Conduct a thorough market research today so that you can already create a guide to success.

Designing the arena properly is of utmost importance. Since you will be offering riding services, the layout should be exact. You will need to design the lessons as well. Ideally, the riding lessons should begin with the safety issues. Your riders should be physically fit to ride the horses. When you’ve conditioned the riders, you can now teach various kinds of lessons – mounting, dismounting, rider position, slowing, stopping, jumping, turning circles, walking, trotting, and cantering. These lessons may take time and will usually depend on the learning pace of each rider. You’re lucky if you can get students who are fast learners but if you encounter slow learners, you need to be extra patient.

Other Structures, Equipment, Etc.

Aside from the arena, you also need to have horse stables and place where your riders can change their clothes. This type of business requires huge capital, so with a comprehensive business plan you can easily apply for a business loan. While you’re securing the needed capital, you can now apply for the business license and permits. A horse riding camp is also subject to zoning laws of the state or region you live. Check with the local agency concerned to comply with the requirements.

Design the riding camp properly, with the comfort of clients in your mind. Hire the needed staffs that will help you with the maintenance and care of the horses. Purchase the horses you need for the riding camp and other necessary equipments or supplies. You need to prepare everything before the grand opening. Promote the business extensively. You will have to ensure that during the grand opening, you will already get clients. You can also visit homeowners with horses and leave your business card. Exert effort in advertising the business and soon you can have a loyal customer base. Find horse owners today and other individuals who love horseback riding.


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