Starting a Food Company

Have you ever wanted to start your own food company but didn’t know where to start? Starting a food business can be a fun and worthwhile business, but there are some regulations that have to be followed for it to become a successful venture.

We have provided you with some basic steps to help you out in starting a food company.

Before starting a food company, you need to establish what type of food product you want to put up for sale. You can choose to produce pre-packed food such as cookies or pretzels. You can also market deli items such as wrapped sandwiches or farmed foods like cheeses and meats. You can also choose a broader type of business like a restaurant, bakery or food delivery service. However these business types are more expensive to start and maintain than other types of food businesses.

Once you have made the decision which food company you will be starting, the next step you need to think about is getting the necessary licenses that your state requires. It doesn’t matter which food company you are starting, but for all business types involving food, you will need to acquire several types of permits including food handling certificates and inspection certificates. These certificates allow you to manufacture food products from where you want to. The certificates and permits that you will be required to have will again depend on the type of food business you will be starting up, how the food will be produced and packaged and how you will serve it.

After starting your food company, a very important step to remember is to have your products tested for their nutritional value. For all packaged food you will need to have a label to be placed on it with all the products nutritional values. You will have to send your food product to a food testing laboratory to make sure that you have the most accurate nutritional values for your food. Later on, when your business has become more stable you can opt to have your own in-house food testing laboratory.

Once you have determined the nutritional values of your products, it is now time to have suitable labels printed out for your products. These labels must contain all the important information that your customers need to know about your product. Information about ingredients and possible allergens should be indicated on the label. The label should also reflect where the food was made. The label also contains information about the weight of the product and the country of origin.

For the manufacturing aspect of your products, you will need to find a reliable and licensed company to have your products manufactured. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose to have it manufactured by a large-scale manufacturer or a smaller commercial kitchen. Whatever your choice it has to come to the fact that the company is hygienic and has all the necessary license and permits to carry on the job that you require.

Another important aspect of starting a food company is marketing. There are different marketing strategies you can employ. One is by preparing free samples at events, you can also advertise by way of leaflets and coupons and providing free samples with orders. You can advertise with the media or create your own website and gain even global popularity.


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