Starting a Fish Supply Store

Many people all over the world love fish and to keep them at homes and as decorations in hotels and restaurants.

Would you like to open a store catering to this market? We have basic advice to entrepreneurs looking to start a business selling fish and aquarium supplies and accessories.

Fish are among the popular pets animal lovers all over the world keep. And so it is not so far fetched to think about starting a fish supply store anywhere you are. But just the same, you need to study the market environment will you be operating before opening up a store. Is your place lined up with fish supply stores? If no, then you can start a general fish supply store that sells standard supplies of tanks, aquariums, filters, fish food and lightings. If yes, you have to specialize to serve a niche market –be it big fish keepers or people looking for high-end fish supplies and accessories. Will you specialize in freshwater or saltwater fish, is another question you can consider? Of course, this will depend on what demand remains unmet in your area.

Just like for any other business, you as the owner would need to find a store area that is most frequented by people. But for a fish supply store, there is one additional consideration you have to make. Your location must allow easy delivery of supplies especially if you will be selling large tanks. And in conjunction, you will have to have stands that are strong enough to support them. In addition, you’d also need shelves, racks, hangers to display items and computer to manage inventory.

Since yours is a fish supply store, it would be impossible to have one without selling fish. Most often, breeding your own supply is not recommended as this would entail tremendous and separate investment of knowledge, money and labor, especially if you are not very knowledgeable about rearing fish. The best way is to get them from fish breeders. As for other supplies, you would need to have a relationship with fish accessories wholesalers and suppliers for your inventory.

Pet Supply Knowledge

Aside from the items like corals, live rocks, gravel and underwater plastic plants that you would sell, the best thing that you can have in your store is knowledge and expertise about aquaculture and troubleshooting. Most often, customers will not only need to buy accessories from your store, but they would also need advice on how to keep their pets healthy and happy and to fix at least the simple problems they would have about their aquatic pets. These people could range from a child wanting to have his first pet, a homemaker, a hotel owner or a fish breeder. Therefore, investment in knowledge about aquaculture is a must if you plan to run a business in this line.


  • Ngarami ngaya said on December 24, 2011
    Hi there i'm in Tanzania and i live in coast region about 60 km east of dar es salaam and i want to open a store which i can supply frozen fish and seafood from the ocean to the tourist hotel and restaurants in dar es salaam ,pls tell me how can i start the business?
  • laxman shinde said on October 25, 2013
    I stay in varsova. i am doing fishing. It Fresh fish. i want to supply my fish to hotels and Restaurant.
  • Partha Das said on February 20, 2015
    Hi, I am Partha Das from Kolkata in Westbengal, india. I want to start fish supplier business in kolkata. so if u kindly advice me how can i start that, i am thankful to u....
  • sonal said on March 29, 2017
    I stay in mumbai. I want to supply my fish to hotels, shops and Restaurant.
  • Dinesh Rathod said on September 13, 2017
    Hii, My name is Dinesh Rathod. I have fishing business so i want to supply my goods in hotels, Restaurant & Home free delivery no charge. You can contact me. My mobile no :9930532439. Thank you
  • Krunal vaidya said on May 16, 2019
    Hi, I am krunal living from fishermen society. I am interested to start a self business of fish supply at hotels in nearby big cities. Please help me!!


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