Starting a Document Shredding Business

Today, the document shredding business is regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the United States of America. The main reason for this is that there is also increasing crime rate of identity theft.

If you think that you can handle to secure the privacy of people, then you are appropriate to be in this kind of business.

One of the factors that are needed in this business is your expertise in making sure that no thief or scammer can steal a person’s personal information. If you think that this business only helps a certain person, then think before you blink. It is also a great help for firms to get relieved from their liabilities. You only need a small capital but the profits are great especially if you have done the service to the entire clients well. The following are the things which you need to purchase to finally get started in this business: bond, shredders, handling equipment and truck. Of course, to ensure its success, you must also be equipped with stationery, business cards and contracts.

Steps to Start a Document Shredding Business

In this type of business, you also do not have to spend more bills in the promotions and marketing. Are you the type of person who is always willing to shake hands with other people? Then that is just the only thing you need to do in order for you to make the people know what kind of business you have. Anytime of the day, you must always be on the go for a face-to-face sales call. Through this, trust will be established between you and the client. If you would like to develop a brand, then you have no other choice but to ask the help of business publications to advertise your business. In dealing with the clients, you must also not to forget to wear your billion dollar smile because this will create a very friendly atmosphere.

In the planning phase, you must focus on the accounting, sales and advertising aspects. Industry experts say that 63% of the gross revenues will go to the expenses. In order for you to have higher income, you must also recycle shredded documents.

In the hiring process, you must be very strict especially in the criminal background check. There must also be a 100% security in terms of destroying sensitive and private materials because this will pave the way for you to decrease the potential liability of the client.

You must also have a security bag each time you will be having a scheduled pickup. By providing a confidentiality policy, you will be able to guarantee the client with complete privacy. In addition, you also need to provide a so-called certificate of destruction.

In this kind of business, your toughest competitors are shipping firms and garbage companies.


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