Starting a Clown Business

If you’re the type of person who is jolly and fun, you can start your own clown business. Just learn the basics of the trade and when you have the skills, you can develop a plan.

Secure the needed licenses or certifications, and rent out office space. You also need to purchase clown costumes and supplies.

Are you a jolly person? If you love to make other happy, you can start your own clown business. This requires low startup costs and if you can perform in various events aside from birthdays, you’re sure to earn great money. If you want to learn about this business, you can check with local government agencies and non profit organization because they usually offer teaching classes at a minimal fee. The demand for entertainment over the years has not declined and this can be the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for.

How to Start a Clown Business

When you’ve learned the basics, you have to determine where store openings, fairs, events, gatherings, and parties are being held. Your primary clients would be parents holding kids parties but don’t limit your services in this area. Social events can also be made livelier with the presence of clowns. Try to check with local businesses like restaurants because you can serve as a great promotion tool to attract potential customers. If you’re determined to succeed, you should have great communication skills and positive interaction with the general public. Possessing acting talents can also put you at an advantage. Develop your skills and if you want, you can also master a few tricks.

Marketing the business is very important. Depending on your local zoning laws, it is possible to start this business from home. That way, you no longer have to lease out space. If you have enough capital, you can rent out a small business space where you can accept and meet with clients. You can make business cards and visit local establishments in your area, as well as residential neighborhoods. If you can create a business website, you can reach a wider market area. This will allow you to serve nearby towns or cities.

If you have the personality and drive to become a clown, you should start this business today. Always begin with a solid plan. As the business expands, you can hire additional clowns. Purchase the needed supplies and materials that you need. You will also need some clown costumes and you should learn how to apply makeup; perhaps you’ve already seen how clowns are dressed and how their faces look like. When you possess the right skills and knowledge, you can go a long way. You should work hard in enhancing the visibility of the business. Since you’re just starting out, you must double your efforts. All your hard work will pay off once you see happy faces of people around you.

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