Starting a Accounts Payable Services

Outsourcing accounts payable management is proving beneficial to many companies. That is why many of them are turning this job over to account service providers. Interested in going into this business?

Read our basic guide to know what you need to prepare to start this business and what are the essential requirements in order to operate one.

Many companies are now outsourcing accounts payable management rather than having its own in-house staff to keep track of its invoices. Having the management of its accounts payable offers several advantages to companies. One, it frees the company responsibility for full-time employees who may need training, and salary upgrade. This translates to cost-saving. Another is, it frees the company from the complicated task, leaving it in effect with more resources and time to focus on more pertinent issues whose resolution could help the business grow. This is a business that people who are knowledgeable in dealing with accounts payable can start.

Preparing to Start Your Own Accounts Payable Service

If you are interested in this kind of business here are some things you need to do. First be sure that you are an expert in this field. You must have a degree in accounting, have the necessary licenses and certification, as well as years of experience sorting accounts payable. Working for a big accounting firm will give you not only the required experience but also reputation and the right connection to start an accounts payable service business. Work to gain experience and build up relationships with people who can help you in the future. After years of experience, you might feel it is time for you to build a business of your own.

Start a Small Accounts Payable Service

You don’t immediately have to start big as an accounts payable service provider. First thing to do is to find a client – a business that trusts you enough to let you organize their invoices to see which debtor are due to be paid in what time frame. If you are getting several clients at the start, be sure that the task you are accepting is manageable for the size of your business, the number of your people and the equipment available. You can’t afford to create a bad customer service reputation in any phase of your operation. So be sure to accept only a service order you can deliver.

Accounts Payable Business Needs

Even for a small accounts payable business, you may need a staff or two more not only to work on your client’s accounts but also to find and entertain new clients. And you need the technology to be able to efficiently accept records of invoices, sort them out, refer questions to clients, and inform them of their payables that are immediately due. At the least, you’d need computers, Internet connection, phone and an invoice management program or software. Progressive account management services have advanced imaging technologies and workflow systems to make their work more efficient.


  • Debra Gannon said on November 13, 2014
    I'm looking for a few client's that need an Accounts Payable Service.
  • Sofia said on February 13, 2015
    Westminster, California USA
  • Tristan Robinson said on May 14, 2015
    I am looking to contract my Account receivable and payable services. Charlotte NC But I am accepting out of state clients and I am willing to travel if needed.
  • Gina Martirano said on May 25, 2015
    I am looking for clients that want an accounts payable consultant or to outsource their accounts payable.
  • Jacque fifsher said on July 13, 2015
    I am looking for Accounts Payable/Receivables clients. I Have over 15 years of accounts payable and receivables experience. If you are looking to outsource your payable s department pleases contact me.
  • Terrill Felder said on October 30, 2015
    I offer my experience to any business who are looking to contract their accounts payable needs. I have over ten years of knowledge in Accounting.
  • Laquita said on March 19, 2016
    Can anyone tell me how you start your accounts payable outsourcing
  • Estella Finch said on August 3, 2016
    I am looking for Accounts Payable clients in the Georgia/Alabama/Mississippi/ Florida areas. I have over 25 years in accounting. I have worked with Million Dollar Companies, ( Government, Non-Profit, and Manufacturing). I have a B.A. and 3 classes before I have my Masters in accounting, I will set for the CPA Exam next year. So if you know of a company that is looking to out source medium to large volume accounts payable please let me know.
  • mentor1 said on January 19, 2017
    For all of you who are posting here looking for clients, you really need to understand marketing 101. Really.
  • vinay kumar srivastava said on October 5, 2017
    Dear Sir, I have 9 year experience in Account payable with SAP. I looking for account payable work for UK , USA & Aus sift.
  • NADEN ACHAMAH said on July 21, 2018
    Hello all, I have more than 15 years experience in the Account payable field from an end to end process. Received invoices scanned them with a unique reference barcode. Create Vendor account process the invoice and wait for the due date to finalize the payment for a very large international company in the USA. Please contact me if you want to outsource our business in Mauritius which is bilingual(English and French) cheapest on the market.


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