Start your Own Fashion Accessories Business

If you want to start a fashion accessories business, you should begin with a plan. This will serve as your guide during startup and in the management of your business.

Decide on the items that you want to sell like bags, earrings, rings, and other things. Choose a business structure and location for the business.

Fashion accessories never go out of style. If you have passion for this type of business and you like to be fashionable, starting a fashion accessories business can be a great way to earn great profits. It is important that you know the latest trends in the market so that you can offer only the best to your targeted customers. Becoming your own boss is your chance to work at your preferred time but since you’re just starting out, you have to work hard and for longer hours. It is vital that you establish credibility to attract a customer base.

How to Start your Own Fashion Accessories Business?

There are many items that you can sell like belts, cosmetic cases, eyeglass cases, earrings, footwear, fans, hairpieces, gloves, handbags, hair ornaments, headbands, hats, jewelry, makeup, leather goods, rings, purses, scarves, necklaces, tiaras, ties, sunglasses, vests, watches, and wallets. There are still other things that you can sell and if you’re not sure which ones to pick, you will have to stick with the ones that you’re also interested to offer to customers. Almost anyone can afford to pay for the fashion accessories. This type of business is recession proof and you can generate income using the right strategies.

If you want to open a specialty fashion accessories store, you can choose among these options – luxury, teen, and general. Choose a name for the business and register it with the concerned government agency. You also need to secure an employer identification number if you plan to hire employees and a business insurance. Determine the business structure since this will provide you with the needed capital. Choosing the location of the store is also vital. You will have to pick one that is located at the city or town center. That way, you can attract traffic with ease.

Design the store in such a way that focuses on the items that you’re selling. The store should provide a welcoming atmosphere to customers so that you can close sales. Lease out the store space and purchase the inventory. You will also need to purchase office supplies, display racks, hangers, shelves, and many others. Find reputed suppliers in your area and get the items at a discount. With bulk purchases, you’re sure to get the items at a much affordable cost. Decide on the advertising methods to use like billboards, signage, fliers, business cards, etc. If you have a business site, you can also promote the items online. Again, offer the latest accessories and you can attract fashionable individuals.


  • maria arriega said on December 6, 2012
    my business is making my own designs of pearls, beads, i want to improve my target market in making this as an opportunity business my location is here in Cebu City Philippines. I do not have yet my own store this is a home-base of creating business. i hope that you can help me to extend my market. thanks,
  • Matshepo said on September 8, 2013
    I'm in South Africa, Mpumalanga. I want to sell fashion accessories starting with hand bags in mozambique, maputo
  • Francisca Kangotue said on January 26, 2016
    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Francisca. I'm interested in starting a fashion accessories store. I would like to sell jewellery , belts, handbags scarves, sunglasses and hats at an affordable prices. Can you please advice me how to go about getting my inventory? Any suggestions on manufacturers, wholesalers, websites or any relevant information? Patiently awaiting your response. Thank you


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