Start Energy Auditing Business

If you want to start energy auditing business of your own, it is a must that you will know all the facts that are involved in this kind of venture. It is not advisable that you only go for this business enterprise without thinking of what you actually need to do.

This is now the best chance for you to discover and arm yourself with the knowledge that is highly needed in this business type.

Did it ever enter your mind to start energy auditing business in the near future? Simply put, this venture will require you to inspect a person’s office or house and help them in figuring out the best ways for them to save their money as far as energy is concerned.

Your Business’s Good Side

In an energy auditing business, what you will do is to point out the appliances that are inefficient and must right away be replaced by new ones. You might even suggest some options in energy saving, like:

  • installation of solar panels on the building or house’s roof
  • use of various paint colors that can repel or absorb energy

Also, you might suggest some tried and tested methods when saving money is concerned, like improving your door and windows’ insulation. Being the owner of an energy auditing business, you are in the position of doing well for our planet and saving your fellow human beings. When you help people save energy, you practically achieve two good things – you help someone save their money and at the same time, you also reduce the carbon footprint of these very people.

Your Potential Earnings

Usually, auditors of energy charge about $400 to $500 for auditing a house and about $500 to $600 for small businesses. Of course, this charged amount might go higher in case that the place is a bigger one. In majority of the cases, money in this venture is pure profit because only a limited number of disposable items are involved here. The needed equipment, like handheld computers and thermal cameras are investments for long term instead of a short term one as for the startup costs, although it is a bit higher, majority of your earnings will still be yours to save and keep.

Your Requirements or Qualifications

Although state laws might vary when requirements on being energy auditor is concerned, usually, you can expect to be required of having an engineering master degree for you to understand completely the inner works of a job such as this one. You might need to pass a certain exam from one of today’s national organizations that will certify the energy auditors.


The Initial Steps That You Need to Take

Start by simply reading how you must go about energy auditing. Grab some books from your local library and read about the things that you will be able to do in order to save more energy. Then, be honest enough in assessing your own house as well as those of your relatives and friends. When you have successfully did this and you feel that this is something that you will love to do as a means of livelihood, get yourself officially certified as energy auditor.


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