Start Copper Roofing Supplies Business

One of the ways you can enter the construction business is by selling construction materials. If you have been in that field for a long time, and would like to start your own business, starting a roofing supplies store just might be for you.

Further, you can specialize in copper roofing as it can last a long time and without apparent deterioration.

There are manufacturers of copper roof supplies that have their own distributors. But there are those that rely on general hardware stores or other independent stores to distribute their products. If you are in the construction business with a particular faith in the beauty and durability of copper roof, here is a business opportunity. You can start a store specializing in copper roof supplies.

This article is written in the point of view that you are already in the construction business (maybe as a contractor) for you to think you can operate a roofing supplies business successfully. It means you already have clients or regular clients (which may be homes and construction projects) and you are fairly known and trusted in the industry, particularly the local industry. And you already have contacts with roof supplies manufacturers for you to be able to strike a contract to distribute their products. And here is what you need to do to start the business.

  • Make a business plan. No matter how well you know the arena, it still pays off to make a business plan. One of the major aspects of a business plan is the marketing study. Determine and establish whether a copper roof supply business is a viable business in your target location. Another major part of the business plan is to determine where to locate the business.
  • Strike a deal with your supplier. The contract will include the mode and terms of your credit with them.
  • Build a store or enter into a lease contract with a building or store owner. You’d most likely be spending for the renovation of the area to suit your kind of business. Even before the store opens you can start advertising by announcing its opening on the exact spot. It should continue throughout the life of the company.
  • Secure the necessary permits and licenses you need to open a business. Also, get an insurance especially the worker’s compensation insurance.
  • You also have to employ someone or some agency to hire a person or persons who will be responsible for the dairy operation of the business.
  • Purchase or arrange the order of the needed cabinets and fixtures for your display. Also don’t forget the safety equipment for the installers if you are doing installations too.
  • When the fixtures are installed, start ordering an inventory of copper roofing supplies.
  • Join organizations such as the Metal Roofing Association to get updated about the going-ons in the industry.

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  • Abhishek Singh said on January 18, 2011
    i want to start my business in Copper filed from ground level i am not very high profile guy what is the correct level plz tell me


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