Starting a Portrait Photography Business

Photography these days is not considered as a hobby anymore. It has been used also as a source of income, a business for several people. It is because aside from an accessible hobby and source of money, it also offers different fields of expertise for professionals. If your field of expertise is taking pictures of beautiful sceneries, you can focus on landscape photography.

There are also event, and portrait photography. If you are more interested in portrait photography, then you are already one step closer to establishing your business.

The Basics of Portrait Photography

If you have chosen to do portrait photography among the others, then it goes to say that it is your niche. However, even if you already chose this as your field of expertise still, you need to choose two different niches out of it. This kind of photography offers two types. The first one is consumer type and the second is commercial type. In the former, it usually consists of taking family, children, and high school seniors’ portraits. On the other hand, the latter has a wider scope, from advertisements to editorial. You have to choose from these types and develop your niche. This way, you will be more focused.

In photography, you also need to have your own style. In this case, you have to develop it more because it will serve as your signature. Show the people that your style is unique and original. You can do this by knowing your equipment intimately. That way, you will be able to capture the emotions and expressions of your clients. Make them believe that a picture truly paints a thousand words.

Plan for Your Business

Once you have decided your niche and style, next thing for you to do is to start the formal business requirements and processes. First is that you will have to develop a budget plan. Write your future expenses when you are already establishing your business. Aside from that, you will also have to set your goals in the subsequent years of your business. This can be done by conducting surveys and creating a spreadsheet in software programs like Microsoft Excel, or just through pencil and paper.

Moreover, there are also seminars and classes to further improve your skills and ability in photography. So you will have to attend these kinds of program for the sake of your business. Also, since you are entering the business world, you also have to attend business related classes. Remember that you will be a businessman or businesswoman. For your venture to succeed, you must not only be good at photography but also at business management. Never forget your advertisement. Ask for your friends and families’ help on this one. Advertisement is important for your business to be patronized by the public.


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