Start a Temp Agency

Temp agencies aid human resource managers in searching for qualified temp workers.

Temp agency provides temporary employees as for companies needing workers to fill in for slot for human resource.

Their job comes in when human resource representatives do not have enough time in recruiting new members and external help is needed. Temp agencies provide qualified candidates that companies can scan through.

Learn Ways to Start a Temp Agency

Know the type of industry you are willing to enter. Know the services in demand in your area and use it as a guide in starting your business. In a town filled with transportation companies it is wise to choose temps who have transport experience. If companies in your area require personnel for data-entry or dock recordings, choose temps who are skilled in using computers and typing. After deciding what type of industry you would like to pursue, you can now start your business by registering it in your state. To make it legal, you need license to operate. Business permits are also given by the state if your business passed their requirements. This of course would mean tax and more payroll taxes for each of your temp workers. It would be more practical if you could rent a small office space for yourself and for your staff. This would also make your transaction more formal. The next step is to find clients who are willing to sign your contract. Make an appointment and present your proposal to the company managers for human resources.

To gain the trust of your clients, you should be able to provide quality temp workers. This can be made possible by thorough screening and training programs to maintain the quality of your employees. Check for their background, good moral character, past records and past employers’ feedback. You can expand your search for applicants by using online sites like,,, etc. Be sure to make it clear that your temp agency, is looking for applicants and not your clients. It is more convenient to hire applicants within 30-50 miles within your area. And lastly, applicants should share the same goal as your agency and should adhere to its rules and regulations.

You are responsible for directly paying your temp workers until they become fulltime employees. Therefore establishing a payroll system is a part of your job. Accountants or firms that process payrolls like Ceredian, ADP or paychex can help you deal in settling payroll system. To ensure profit, clients are charged 5 to 50% premium and it depends upon the budget of the client and value of your support. It is important to maintain the quality of your products. Training programs would keep them in good shape and ready for work.


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