Start a Spray Foam Business

One of the trends in building homes nowadays that concerns insulation is the use of spray foam. This kind of material is very much in demand.

And if you are interested to venture in this business, read on and learn.

In building homes, there are many issues that must be addressed and one of these is the insulation from cold and heat posed by the outside environment. One of the technologies that are in demand nowadays for this concern is spray foam. Besides its efficiency in insulating the house from the weather outside, this kind of material also is defined as eco-friendly. With many homeowners and contractors conforming on concerns about the environment, it is no longer unexpected why spray foam is in demand.

Starting a spray foam business is not for those who have weak heart. One should have at least hundreds of thousands of dollars for capital and contracting spray foam usually is characterized as tricky. Nevertheless, the financial gain from this type of business cannot be denied. If you are pondering on the idea of starting a spray foam business, here are some guidelines for you to make your venture as easy as possible.

Capital for Spray Foam Business

As been mentioned earlier, starting a spray foam business is capital-intensive. You need huge amount of money to start this venture. In this light, you must consider where you will get the financing for this. One way to solve this is by contacting the Small Business Administration if you can get a loan. You can also ask SCORE, which is a group of retired businessmen who helps startup business. At the minimum, you must at least get $100,000 for capital to start your spray foam business.

To Go Franchising or Not

At the start of your spray foam business, it is advisable if you can weigh down the pros and cons of whether you may need to get a franchise or not. Getting a franchise will help you with training and promotion. Yet, since this kind of business is heavy on capital, the additional expenses you have to pay for the franchise will have a toll on your bank account.

Equipment for Spray Foam Business

In this kind of business you will need vehicle for carrying equipments for spray foam. Some use other equipment for their spray foam business and usually carried in a panel van. Since you are going to carry equipment, it is best advised that you attend seminars on how to handle these equipments because wrong handling of these can easily make you lost hundreds of dollars.


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