Start a Rock Chip Repair Business

Start a rock chip business and be part of an exciting business that helps people spend less on their windshield issues and concerns.

People would rather have their windshields repaired rather than replace them which are very costly at times.

Windshields are prone to rock chips and there are cases that people would rather have them repaired instead of replacing the whole windshield. Here are some pointers on how to start a rock chip business.

Learning the Whole Concept of the Rock Chip Business

Before you even start the business the first step that you would have to take is the learning process of doing rock chip repairs. Get certified by enrolling in short courses related to rock chip repair industry. Go to your state or local university and inquire about the courses related to rock chip repairs that you can take. It is also advisable that you attend seminars and forums related to the industry. Be part of organizations and groups associated to this industry. This is a way to meet people who have already made a name in the industry, people that will more likely share with you their success stories. Remember that knowledge of the business will earn you the respect of your clients. It is even better if you can have some practical experience by working in an existing rock chip repair store.

Building Trust among Your Customers

Trust is one of the best ways to earn a good name in the industry that you are into. People will always go back to people they trust when it comes to repair/s of their investments, after all hard earned is what they shelled out in purchasing these investments. Tell customers the truth and repair only the things that need repair. Do not tell customers that there are repairs needed to be done when in fact there is none. Remember that satisfied customers will more likely refer you their families and friends in cases there is a need to so. Word of mouth is still the best marketing technique there is when it comes to business and the best part of it is you are not going to shell out a single centavo for it.

Business Plan

As always, create a business plan before starting your business. This will serve as the backbone of your business. From the time it was conceptualize up to the time of the operation of your business. Ready available templates can be used to create a simple but attainable business plan. Dream big but do not over project.

Permits and Licenses

Before you can even run your rock chip repair business you will have the need to apply for all necessary permits and licenses. Go to your federal, state or local licensing division and inquire on what are the permits and licenses you will be required to apply for your rock chip repair business. You will be required to pay certain fees to be able to get these licenses and permits. Renew annually to avoid issues with the IRS.

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