Start a Magazine Distribution Business Today

Planning to have a distribution business entails various considerations. However, this business type provides fruitful results.

With accurate distribution and marketing in using a magazine, your business will be known, not just locally but in various cities as well.

Starting this business is not as hard as you think. A magazine distributor purchases publications in bulk and sells them to consumers and store owners directly. This profession requires solid customer base and product knowledge. Purchasing low and selling it in high rates is the key to get a profitable turning point. The main question is, “how do you start it”?

Creating an Effective Business Plan

Magazine distributor needs to create a detailed business plan. It often includes the magazines you desire to distribute, the number of copies and long & short-term goals. You also need to examine your target audience, editorial mission, frequency of printing, covered capital and how to sell it. For an excellent transaction, you can contact other publishers about their practices and rates. After examining your substantial profit margin, you have to outline the entire expenses and costs. This can help you in determining your actual expenses and income.

Getting the Start-Up capital and Apply Business License

Since magazine distribution business requires enough capital, you have to be prepared and organized. Your capital is use to launch your distribution company. You can have this capital by applying bank loans or grants or getting investments from family and friends. If you can afford it, personal savings can also be used to start your own career. After finalizing this matter, business license application is advised. This license allows you to run a business in your local area.

Distributing magazines can be done in various ways. Publishers of print media can sell magazines in bulk directly to retailers and consumers. Affordable wholesale pricing can be advertised to distribute your magazines in high volume. Offering subscriptions to readers is also one way of distributing a magazine. Publishers can ask one flat rate for annual and semi-annual subscriptions. Another method is through hiring messengers to sell magazines. This scheme works similarly to newspaper business. Other options include developing corporate partnerships and providing free magazines in any related merchandise.

Tips and Advice for Success

The success of magazine distribution business can’t be easily achieved. As a businessman, you have to work hard and show off your creativity. Since advertisement plays a vital role to be well-known, you have to use your existing resources. You can use online strategies to enhance your business standing. Whatever actions you take, make sure that you think and plan them carefully. Don’t rush anything and do your best to achieve your business goals. Remember that your business’ success relies on your hands and not on someone else.

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  • Anjum Mughal said on January 8, 2014
    I am interested in setting up and running my own newspaper and magazine distribution to newsagents directly. I dont know how to start this so could you give me advice please, Regards


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