Shoe Making Business

Do you have great passion and knack in crafting and designing shoes then you are attempting to get involved in the shoe making business?

If you’re dream is to be one of the top shoemakers and shoe designers in the industry therefore we will show you the basics in the shoe making business.

Shoe Making Business as a Lucrative Business Venture

We all know that everybody love shoes. Because of this the industry of shoe making around the world is still growing and continues to get bigger in the coming up years. In shoe making business, the key ingredient to success is your creativity and your incomparable skill in creating and designing footwear for everybody. There’s always a big demand for shoes and people love to shop shoes as part of their collection or hobby. No matter what the economy dictates it can’t stop people from buying shoes making it as a stable and profitable business venture to deal with. If you want to learn the basics on how to start a shoe making business of your own then we have prepared it just for you.

Shoe Making Business Guides and Tips

The very first thing you need to learn before you start your own shoe making business is how to create a pair of shoes itself. You should learn on how to make patterns, proper cutting of materials, stitching, molding heel counters and toe craps, and cementing on the soles. These basics can be learned by attending to workshops offered by certain companies or by the local government as a livelihood program. You can also check the community colleges if they offer short courses for shoe making. Learning the basics is just simply introducing you to this productive business venture as well as to get a list of resources for the materials and equipments needed in starting your own business.

After learning the basics, you should now find out on how to design the shoes and decide of what type of shoes you want to produce and sell to the buying public. This process includes rigorous research on recent trends in creating your designs on the shoes. Remember that your main goal is to make profit so your designs should attract your potential buyers. Make it affordable but not sacrificing the quality of the products. Choose if you want to make shoes for children, ladies, or men and pick out your design if you want it to be trendy or casual. Still, your success in the shoe making business will depend highly on your business skills so you should create a good business plan that states your goal, source of funding, and marketing strategies for long-term. Study the competition in your area and look for a good location for your storefront and for your equipments and storage. For starter, you can use your home if space permits or lease a space in the commercial district if you have enough funding. Check your local business departments in your state for business permits and advertise your business to promote your products.


  • amit said on September 24, 2012
    i want to start shoes making business. please help me how to start the business
  • Khaya said on January 14, 2013
    hi i have been teaching myself how to make shoes, i am more focused on casual slip on shoes, my challenge is finding good soles for my leather shoes. I am based in south africa.
  • neal said on January 28, 2013
    lagos, nigeria. i am new and i want to get started in the shoe making business
  • mercy said on February 15, 2013
    lagos, nigeria. i need a place that trains people on how to make shoes
  • fudz said on February 24, 2013
    i need a place offering a course on shoe making. i am in south africa in port elizabeth
  • Srinivas said on March 29, 2013
    I have creative ideas in shoe designing and making. Anyone interested may please get in contact with me. All the Best. Chennai, India , 0-9884735125,
  • ian said on April 15, 2013
    me and my friends want to venture in shoe making especially for the young urban consumer. I'm from Kenya n would appreciate any assistance.
  • jemz roldan said on May 2, 2013
    hi! I want to start a shoe business but I don't have an idea how much should i invest. i just wanna start in a small one. Laguna Philippines. Thanks!
  • Samuel Powers said on May 26, 2013
    I am a new shoe maker who wants to get to know more about the shoe making business concerning the winter and summer seasons we have in my location. I am located at south africa JHB! Kindly get back to me with more about how i can get ma business going! Thank you very much and i hope to read from you soon. Samuel
  • Nomantshali Mtshali said on July 16, 2013
    Location Paulpietersburg, Nothern KwaZuluNatal. Would like to start a home industry initially with school shoes expanding to fashion trends
  • M G Letlabika said on October 6, 2013
    Interested in learning on how to make any type of shoes. I am living in Boksburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa.
  • Jhay B said on October 24, 2013
    It help though. I am just a learner but my boss from whom I am learning is not into shoe but palm sandals pls help me on how to get a better knowledge of making 'Confirm' shoes. I'm JHAY.
  • Karanja said on October 30, 2013
    am from KENYA and wish to start shoe business. i would like to get information about simple machines; where to get them and their cost
  • patience sevenzayi said on November 4, 2013
    hi am from Zimbabwe and teach at a polytech. Would love to learn footwear design and production but dont know where. Please advice
  • obinna said on December 29, 2013
    hello, please i want to start up shoe industry and am look up to list the equipment for true my email.
  • Leylee said on January 9, 2014
    hi there! I'm from Rwanda, Kigali. I always admired this business of making shoes, I'm literally passionate about it and I actually want to try it. Can u plz help me to get more about what it takes to start off; the machines, resources, etc. Looking forward to hearing from u.
  • Kelvin said on January 10, 2014
    Hi. I have dream to establish a footwear design and manufacturing company, that makes affordable, accessible, durable and good quality shoes that are consistent with International standards. They are mainly going to be sports shoes, basketball, tennis, trainers, running and fashion sports shoes. I need advise and support.
  • kenneth said on February 7, 2014
    am looking for more explanations on palms and sandals with the best material for sole.
  • Biodun (Jsupy shoes) said on March 2, 2014
    Am a shoemaker who is very Passionate with his job. Am From nigeria, if you will love to become a shoemaker mail me.
  • BTreasure said on March 31, 2014
    I am interested in Shoe Making business. I am Based in Nigeria
  • wendy said on June 2, 2014
    Hi, i ve passion for shoe making I want to start up my own shoe making business. How do i go about it
  • Homakon temitope said on July 10, 2014
    Morning plz m in south Africa and looking for a place where they make shoe shoes. Like doing a course in a shool. Plz can I have d name, address, phone number etc..@ port Elizabeth.
  • Amina Idris Bulama said on July 13, 2014
    Hi, thank for sharing this informative guide to shoe making. Can u pls help me with list of equipments required for shoe & slipass making & if possible some design templates. I am a beginner. Thank you.
  • jones said on August 22, 2014
    i am zimbabwe guy already in home shoe making bt i am looking fr advice to upgrade my buz to become industrial ..Also looking fr LAST or MOULD n other used shoe machines eg POST BED MACHINE
  • Bekalaze said on September 5, 2014
    I have strong passion for venturing in shoe making, what can i do?
  • ahmad Ibrahim said on September 24, 2014
    I love to do this course , how can you help , I am willing to come to your place and learn shoe making thanks
  • jude I.E said on December 3, 2014
    Pls I want to venture into shoe making and palm sandals making business. I would b glad if u can mail me on the equipments needed and cost, design templates, materials needed, trainings and other things I need to start. I am in nigeria precisely jos city. this is my email I would me more glad if you could respond promptly. Thanks in anticipation.
  • Reeza said on January 23, 2015
    hi there, does any body from South Africa know where I can find a place that makes shoes and heels in Port Elizabeth? I really am in desperate need of a place to make a shoe ASAP... Thanks to all
  • dick said on April 8, 2015
    Hi I'm from London I want to make soccer boots and basketball shoes any help pls?
  • Alice said on May 20, 2015
    Hi, I have passion for shoe making and I want to start up my own shoe making business. How do I go about it. I'm Rwandan, Plz I need your help as soon as possible.
  • Myriad Concepts said on August 26, 2015
    I am interested in taking on anybody in Abuja Nigeria on shoe and bag making course. You can contact me on
  • Excel said on March 8, 2016
    I need a place i can learn shoe and bag making in lagos. please you can contact me on via mail .
  • Jakada A. said on April 3, 2016
    Hi.I'm Jakada from Kano Nigeria, i spent some few years in shoe-making bussiness in small scale, but still want to learn more. Thank you
  • Jakada A. said on April 3, 2016
    NB. you can contact me via my email at abubakarjakada@ymailcom Thank you. Jakada
  • winjoy said on April 21, 2016 from Kenya.and I would like to start up a shoe making business. kindly share any info that you may have
  • tina saikonde said on May 1, 2016
    I am a new shoe maker from Blantyre, Malawi,focusing on baby and ladies shoes and I want to start a shoe making business,am still looking for funding but I do not know where to get good materials here.
  • Zukiswa said on August 8, 2016
    Hi i'm in port elizabeth i would like to make children shoes.


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