Starting a Dressmaking Business

Dressmaking business can fill the needs of those many men and women who are into clothes.

If you are thinking of going or establishing a business and you are very fond of sewing, then this business is definitely for you.

The Start of the Business

When first starting a dressmaking business, you must decide if you will start it from your home or lease a not-so expensive commercial space. This will be for your office and your shop. If you will be operating your dressmaking business from your home, then you should first contact the Small Business Association in your area for the local zoning rules and ordinances. You should do this to begin becoming a business. Then, go and file a DBA or fictitious business-name statement on your city hall or town. This is required for the licenses, permits, and other government forms necessary for your business. Avoid using your personal name in the fictitious business-name statement as the name of your company.

Apply for the license of your business through the office of Clerk Recorder. You should also apply for the Employer Identification Number at online or just contact by fax, phone, or mail the IRS Company. This number will be used on the activities of your business as well as for tax returns of self employed. Contact your Small Business Association for tips, help, and benefits. For SBA benefits, you may be qualified for business loans like commercial property, capital loans, and equipment.

Your Equipment

Purchase and keep your sewing machine in excellent working condition. You should invest on a serger and include it as one of your main equipment. Set up your working tables, iron and ironing board, and steamer in convenient areas. Install a hanging rack or a pole for hanging dresses that are brought in for alteration and mending and also for hanging the pieces that you finished. Also, have a mirror (if possible a life size one) and build a platform for the clients. Be sure to have necessary dressmaking tools such as tape measures, scissors, thimbles, pins, needles, bobbins, and needles for sewing machine. Create an album or portfolio of your dress designs so that clients may see them when coming to your shop.

Advertising and Bringing in Clients

One way to advertise your business is to give out fliers or post them around your town. Inform all the dry cleaners on the town of your dressmaking business and also ask them if they could keep some of your fliers on the counter for their clients who will pass along. In exchange, distribute their fliers also to your clients. Aside from fliers, you can also print nice, eye catching business cards and give them to your clients. Or give discount coupons for customers who are loyal and keep coming back for your service.

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