Selling Print Advertising

Now that the economy is facing a slow down, selling print advertising can actually be a tough thing to do at this time. Yet, there are still people who try their luck in this venture in the hopes that they can earn an additional income out of this kind of business.

There are several things that one must first know about selling print ads in order to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

Selling ads is a bit tricky as of this moment that things are all going down. But with the right offers of products of good value and great services, publishers can still increase their sales and combat any kind of storm that comes their way. Print advertising have seen the tough years. The industry of magazines had no choice but to think outside of their boxes and come up with new ways for some new kinds of media to be incorporated in their brand of magazines. If you want to increase your sales in advertising, publishers have the choice to either sell to their existing clients or concentrate on new prospects and build a new client base.

Finding New Advertisers

Looking for your new advertisers is not a task that can be considered as easy. It will require lots of cold calling as well as prospecting. And what is sad here is that it will take a lot before you finally hear someone say yes. If you are interested in selling print advertising, you can start by researching first online for some potential clients. Their contact information are usually found in their websites but it will still take some time before you find the correct contact for advertising.

Studying Your Competitors

Studying the advertisers of your competitors will also be a nice way for you to find leads in advertising. But if you will think outside the box, you will be able to separate the creative publisher from that one who still adheres to the old routine. For instance, observe those companies which advertise in websites and publications in the related industries and markets. Will they benefit if they will advertise outside the main industry that they have? A magazine which has already gained solid profile of its audience can still target these kinds of businesses while taking demographics into consideration.


Although this topic might already seem trite, proper networking can give you a lot of leads. Marketing in social networks has opened plenty of doors in order for one to find clients in the Internet. As part of the multimedia strategy of a magazine, publishers of print ads must have their companies’ presence felt in networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will help for your magazine to build a relationship with existing advertisers, readers as well as potentially new clients.

Sell More to Present Advertisers

With the industry of magazines a dynamic one, publishers look for ways to expand their offers of ads to more mediums. The best way to achieve this would be to improve the website of your magazine. With an offer of online advertising, publishers can now utilize the online world as a tool that will complement, not a competitor.


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