Restaurant Business Plan Outline

A business plan is an important to new and starting businesses trying to seek different kinds of financing.

It is definitely ideal for a future restaurateur to make such a plan outline in order for them to know everything needed in establishing a restaurant.

Executive Summary

Create an overview of the whole plans you intend to do upon the operation of your business. Consider this as your introduction. You have to make it more interesting to keep the attention of your readers. In preparing the executive summary, you should give the reader the basic ideas about the business, like the style you chose to do in your restaurant, the name of the restaurant or the location. Make sure to stipulate your explanation and reasons why having a restaurant is suit for you. State there the things that would convince the reader that you are capable of running a restaurant. If you are a skilled cook or you have great managerial skill, these are just some of the things you can include in your executive summary.

Company Description

The company description is the part of the business plan where you would state the basic information about your business. This is usually referred to as the business analysis. In this part of the business plan, you are expected to state the location, legal name and the restaurant theme or style that you chose. This the part where you should state in detail and explain the competition you have in your area, client base and any other information that you have gathered while you were still researching for information about the operation of a restaurant business.

Market Analysis

In a business plan, the market analysis is the part where you are bound to stipulate the things you need to consider in terms of the industry, the local competition, and the marketing strategy you need. In the industry, you will be stating things on who you are going to be serving and state as to what types of meal are you capable of serving your customers. Also explain the customer/client base and state why they should choose your restaurant instead of your competitors. Of course in the competition part you should put all the possible things you will do to be able to be leveled or even be in a high level than your local competitors. In the marketing part, here you will state what kind of strategy you are going to use to be able to put your restaurant on top of the market.

Management and Ownership

In this part of the business plan, you are going to reveal who will be the person that will run your restaurant. It could be you or perhaps you would hire a manager but make sure to be the general manager. There should be managers in different parts of the restaurant so do not forget to include this in the plan.


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