Requirements for Opening a Daycare

If you have passion for caring for children, you can open your own day care. You must be aware that this will have different requirements among states. Make sure that you inquire at the Department of Human Services.

There are licensing and training requirements that you must comply before you can open the facility.

Lots of couples today are working. Because of this, there is an increase in the demand for daycare services. If you have passion for kids and you love their company, you can open your own daycare. You must be aware that children need discipline, love, attention, and enough room for growth or learning. The regulations and requirements for this type of business vary from one state to another. If you’re interested, you can visit the Department of Human Services to get the needed information.

The Requirements

This is a full time job, and it can be mentally and physically demanding. You should be capable of delivering support and provide a nurturing environment. To make sure that children are disciplined, you need to enforce some rules. A daycare provider must be physically fit and health. You will do a lot of chasing, carrying, sitting, standing, and bending. You have to decide in advance on the number of children that you can accommodate. To make sure that you qualify as a daycare provider, you must take a look at the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook. This will serve as your guide to find out the requirements.

You should have a license to become a daycare provider. There are three types of licenses that you can choose from – home care for large family, home care for small family, and day care centers. To get a license, you have to undergo registry check, fingerprinting, and background check. You also have to undergo medical exams yearly, as well as tuberculosis test. There is also an age requirement. In some states, an 18 year old can already become a provider but in some regions, 21 years old is the requirement. Training is also needed and to become a provider, you should have at least eight hours for the topic development and health management.

You should have enough knowledge on proper nutrition, child diseases, health, and education. The daycare provider should also have a certification on first aid and CPR, and knowledge on emotional/social development. It is possible to operate at home but in some states, a separate facility is required. Supporting documentation is needed when you submit the application. You have to create activity and meal plans for the children. Proof of auto insurance and liability is needed as well. Work on the policies that you plan to enforce in terms of emergencies, child illness, and discipline. Find out the requirements today and apply to become a daycare provider.


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