How to Check for Copyright

Copyright registration is important. That is why many people are trying to fulfill the requirement just to get it because not having it will get them into trouble.

Here are some tips on how to check copyright infringements.

US Copyright Office

To check the copyright registration, you should open through the internet the link to the US copyright office. There you will find the “Search Records” button. Click that button and you will find the “Search the Catalog” button. These are the first things you should do when you intend to check the copyright registration. It is essential because this will initiate the finding of whether that is a registered copyright or not.

Author’s Name

You may also check the copyright registration by its title of the publication or the so called author’s name. There, you will type the title of the document. When you are done typing the title, you are going to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and upon finding the “Title” section, click it. You may start the search by clicking the “Begin” button. From there, the computer will do the rest of the job finding the registration. Remember that you should type the exact title; the title that was published. Also, avoid using “a”, “the” and other articles. Just like the usual, when finding it by name, you should type first the last name, followed by the first name. You may also try typing the corporation name. again, type the exact corporation name as used by the business. This method is much easy than the first one mentioned.


You may also check the copyright registration just by typing a keyword to the document. This keyword will help you get an access to the documents that contain the same word used in the keyword in the search box. Quotation marks will help you to mark the document keyword as the exact name. If you are still having difficulty with this, you may find variation of document names by using “?” right after the word or phrase. If there is supposedly a word that comes after the search result, add “+” before the keyword or phrase. At the beginning of the search screen, type there the keyword and then click the keyword button which is located in the bottom screen. Afterwards, click the begin search button. And from there, you will soon find the registration of the copyright.

Registration Number

You may also check the registration by looking for the registration number. It is known that registration numbers are composed of exactly twelve numbers or characters. Usually it would start with two or three letters and then the rest of the registration number are numbers. Never use hyphens, spaces or even underscores between the twelve numbers or characters. On the search screen, type there the registration number and then click the “registration number” button which is located on the bottom screen then click begin search.


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