Raising Laying Chickens

Before raising laying chickens, what you need to do is prepare yourself up, take the necessary precautions if your plan would meet your schedule. The second thing that you have to undergo is canvass everything that you will need in your chicken coop.

It is very good because it can actually help you on how to have a very practical group of procedures that can lead you to the best of your plan.


When we speak of preparation, it would mean to say that you have to be well-equipped on everything. Necessary things would include your time schedule, your work in the office, the space that you will be allotting inside your lawn. Aside from that, you must also take into consideration your passion in taking good care of chickens. Some consider it as a hobby, like being addicted to derby and some other fighting cock arenas. So, what you ought to do is determine your purpose as to raising laying chickens. Remember that what you are going to take care of are laying chickens and not fighting cocks.

Canvass Everything

What is being meant with canvass everything is that you need to go to the laying chicken stores. You have to visit from one store to another in order to compare the price. By doing so, you can actually find out for yourself how thrifty and practical you are. It is really good because this is a self assessment as well as weighing everything in order for you to be totally happy with your coop.

Procedures to be Followed

You have to build a house or a chicken coop for your chickens. That is the priority that you have to consider. However, it is imperative that you have to prepare everything first before you bring the chickens home. The roosting perches must also have an enclosure and such an enclosure must have an eight by ten foot width. Through this, you can actually put as much as twelve hens thereat. If you think that it is all there, do not think of that first. The next thing that you have to do is prepare for water supply and foods given to the hens. They need it most especially that they are being taken good care of for reason of hatching. It is really good because what you might actually do is supply more water than food, that is wrong! What you need is a balance of the two. Foods? What kind of foods? Well, what you must give to your hens are mixtures of all-purpose laying mash, crushed as well as scratched feed. Through this, your hens will actually have one great balanced diet – a diet which you do not have to worry about.

Loving What You Did

In the nesting place, you must have to place hays. Yes, it will be needed by your hens in order to ensure that the eggs will not be exposed to dirt. They must actually have this cooling place and that is the group of hays. You have to love your hen’s eggs so much. It is because it is part of your effort. Without your efforts exerted, there will be no eggs hatched.


  • mehona kelvin gift said on January 24, 2017
    @james, am. Nigeria and i have no profession knowledge of egg farming, but i intend to start a small egg production business here in my town. Please what do you think i need to put in place to actually succeed in rearing of 50-100 layers, putting considering of start-up capital in small or close to nothing.
  • santy zulueta, jr. said on April 7, 2018
    i am a neophyte in this kind of business, can you help me build for 2,000 laying egg hens, starting with the chicks and houses for he hens.


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