Qualities of an Office Manager

Every person is unique and special. When you are appointed to become an office manager, there are certain qualities that you must possess to ensure success in the organization.

You should be fair, hard working, strong leader, decision maker, flexible, supportive, sympathetic, and possess organizational skills.

It’s not easy to become an office manager. This is a very challenging position that requires extensive skills and knowledge. As the head of office, everyone in the organization will look up to you. There are certain qualities that you must posses in order to become a well-respected manager. These qualities can be acquired and learned, but if such qualities are innate in you, you are at a greater advantage. You will deal with different kinds of people everyday. With the right qualities, you can manage the organization confidently.

Qualities You Should Possess

First on the list is being fair to all employees or staffs. You should never show others that you have a ‘favorite’ because this can lead to resentment and reduced productivity. The atmosphere inside the office can also be affected. You must treat your staffs equally. No one is above or greater than the other. Make it a point to stress out the fact that each employee is needed to guarantee the success of the company or business. Instead of just sitting down behind your desk and delegating tasks, you should work hard. You should be a role model and your staffs will follow. If you are always telling your people to do this or do that, they will lose respect.

Decision Maker, Flexible, Etc.

As an office manager, you should be a strong leader and decision maker. Being decisive is a good quality and keep this in mind – when you make a decision, no one else is responsible but YOU. You should never blame others for the possible problems or mistakes that will arise from your decision. Don’t be a reactive leader but instead, you should be pro-active. Give your employees praise whenever needed. This is a great way to boost their morale and self confidence. When a problem occurs, you shouldn’t act harshly as well.

If you want to become flexible, you need to listen to what others are saying. Domestic issues should be handled cautiously. Being supportive and sympathetic will also allow the manager to gain added respect. Always keep in mind that a manager should possess organizational skills. When everyone knows their duties and responsibilities, the organization will run smoothly. If you can motivate your people, you can achieve many things. As you can see, there are many qualities that a manager should possess. If you want to become a great and effective manager, you should work hard and make sure that you show these qualities. These are your tickets to success.


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