Open a Brazilian Bikini Store

If you want to open a Brazilian bikini store, you have to begin with a business plan. This is ideal especially if you need to apply for a business loan. With the capital in your hands, you can now find an ideal store location.

Purchase your inventory from a reputed supplier and hire staffs. Start with the ads as well.

Brazilian Bikini Choices

Do you love sexy women? Well, if you have passion for body shapers, you can start a Brazilian bikini store. There are so many items that you can sell like lingerie, patterned bikinis, designer bikinis, smooth separates, crochet separates, micro bikinis, sexy swimsuits, saress or sarong, and many other items. Just like any other type of business, you will have to start with a business plan. The plan will not only guide in from startup but it can also be used to secure business loans from potential lenders like non profit organizations and banks. If this is a viable business, you’re sure to get the capital you need with ease.

When you have the capital, it will be easier to look for a store space that you can lease out. You can pick a space in the local mall or along the busy streets of the city. Brazilian women love to invest on quality bikinis, so it would be a great idea to sell these items. Offer a wide range of choices like the ones mentioned above. That way, your customers can spend time in choosing the items that will suit them. You store should have display counters and racks, as well as fitting rooms with mirrors.

Inventory and Selling Skills

When the store is ready, you can now purchase the bikini inventory. You can contact bikini manufacturers directly and ask if you can sell their products or you can also find suppliers of Brazilian bikinis online. You can sell cheap as well as designer bikinis. The budget of women varies and if you can offer products in different price ranges, you will surely be able to meet their unique needs. Develop your own business site and provide photos and details of all the products that you’re selling. Don’t forget to provide for a shopping cart and arrange for the shipping options.

Since you’re selling bikinis, you also have to maintain a sexy and physically fit body. You should know the latest fashion trends and provide valuable information to your customers. With the right knowledge, you can easily help your customers in choosing the best color or style that suits their built or skin color. With great sales skills, you can sell many bikinis in a day! Hire competent staffs to help you with the daily operations of the business. Also, you have to apply for a business license in advance. Decide on the best advertising methods to use prior to the opening like mobile billboards, business cards, flyers, and local newspaper ads.


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