Old Age Pension Benefits

An old age pension program is a program that provides for financial assistance and medical benefits to those who qualify for it. But before we talk about the benefits and how to apply for an old age pension plan it is important to talk about first the requirements that would qualify one to avail the old age pension program.

This is for the reason that knowing the basic requirements that qualify a person to avail the pension plan is second to none for this will inform a person if he is qualified to avail such a pension plan or not.

Before a person could get the old age pension benefit, one must first meet the eligibility requirements. And these are the following. Age, one must be at the very least sixty years of age in order to avail the old age pension benefits. Proofs certifying or showing the compliance to the age requirements must be shown. These proof are, Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Statement from Social Security, Driver's License, Picture Identification Card, Military Discharge Papers, Alien Registration Card, Naturalization Papers. Any of these is sufficient proof of verification of the qualification for the age requirement. Next is residency, likewise proof for verification is required, such as phone bill, voter registration, rent receipt and other proof of residency.

This is the government’s way of taking care of its elderly citizens. This being a government program, no discrimination is tolerated here the only requisite is pass the eligibility requirements and accomplish the required forms and presto. You are now a beneficiary of the old age pension benefits program.

An old age pension applicant must also meet the citizenship requirement. Likewise an applicant must also meet the income requirement and must not exceed the maximum resources requirement of two thousand dollars for an individual and three thousand dollars for a couple. Applicants might also be required to apply for supplementary security income benefits. Now that you are in the know of the requirements and you assessed that you are qualified to apply for an old age pension benefit program.

How to Apply For an Old Age Pension Benefit?

Then here are the simple tips on how to apply for an old age pension benefits program. To apply for old age pension benefits you will need to call or go to your local county department of social services. After going to the department of social services, you will have a need to complete the application and complete any required forms. The completion of this forms are vital for the approval of your application for an old age pension benefits program. If you are having trouble accomplishing the required forms, a county representative can help you complete the application and explain what information and verifications that are needed to accomplish your application.


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