Non-organic Farming Methods

If you are interested to know more about non-organic farming, you are reading the right article.

In the succeeding paragraphs, you will discover the different methods used in this type of farming and how they will affect your health.

Ever since the world began, farming has always been a part of people’s lives because it is a means of survival. Due to the advancement of technology, non-organic farming gave birth to some methods on how to prevent pest infestation and to generate higher crop quantity as well. You will discover them in the succeeding paragraphs.

Herbicides and Pesticides

Herbicides and pesticides are utilized in combating weeds and insects. However, the residues of these toxic chemicals have been discovered in the crops. This is the reason why the Food and Drug Administration has banned these farming chemicals from being utilizes. The bad thing is that since some of these crops are imported, several DO contain these toxic chemicals.

Contaminated Sewage Sludge

Another non-organic farming method used is the so-called contaminated sewage sludge. As compared to herbicides and pesticides, this is better as it is made of human waste used as fertilizer for crops that are non-organic. It only seemed to be a good idea at first as it was cheap and easily accessible. However, according to recent tests, a large amount of this non-organic farming method paved the way for chronic illnesses.

Hormones, Remains of Animals and Antibiotics

Hormones, remains of animals and antibiotics are also used in non-organic farming. These methods are known to contribute to instantly fattening up animals to be sold in the market. Even though hormones are expensive and illegal, they are injected into certain animals to immediately make them grow. Antibiotics are also used in keeping the animals alive until they are butchered. The only problem about this method is that when consumers eat the animal that has been injected with antibiotics, they will be immune to the bacteria fighting ability of the animal. So, when consumers go to the doctor to get an antibiotic shot, it will no longer have any effect to them.

The last non-organic farming method is irradiation. This entails exposing spices to radiation in order to kill microorganisms or bacteria that may possibly be present in them. The problem with this method is that it is very harmful because it leads to several chronic diseases and illnesses; hence, it is not an advisable non-organic farming method.

Just recently, research has shown that substances and other chemicals are toxic and can cause a variety of illnesses and even death. In order to lessen hazards and problems brought by these methods, the government has been coming up with breakthroughs in the industry of agriculture. This is the reason why organic farming is advised to farmers due to its safety.


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