Naming Your Photography Business

Aside from the business plan, it is also important that you establish a proper name for your business. If you are planning to start your own photography venture, you must be equipped with the knowledge regarding the tips in naming your photography business.

To give you the information that you need, it is best for you to scan this write up.

In order to have a trademark for your photography business, you must not just focus on the services that you offer. But rather, you must also come up with the best name for it. In connection with this, learning the tips in naming your photography business is necessary.

Consider Number of Syllables and Words

It is not practical that you use names that are lengthy. These names are usually easy to forget. The maximum words that you can use in naming your business must be three. It is also important that you take into consideration the number of syllables that you will use in coming up with the name of your photography business. The word photography contains four syllables. As much as possible, you must also select words with the same syllables in order to match with the term photography.

Spelling Pronunciation and Acronym Consideration

Aside from considering the number of words as well as syllables, you must also consider the spelling, pronunciation and acronyms that you will utilize in making your photography name. It is advised that you must not play with the spelling of the words that you will use. This may seem difficult for your customers to remember. In terms of pronunciation, see to it that you avoid words that are difficult to understand and are too long. Furthermore, you must utilize the so-called phone test. Because of this, you will know if the pronunciation of the words that you have chosen is clearly heard through phone calls. In terms of acronyms for your photography business, there are things that you have to remember.

  • Acronym should be easy to remember.
  • It should not depict any double meaning abbreviations.
  • There must be no similar acronym concerning the other businesses in your place.

Advertising and Branding Considerations

In forming the name of your photography business, the branding as well as the advertising considerations must also be taken into account. One of which is the use of some logos in order for your photography venture to depict visual representation to your target market. On the other hand, you can also adapt the techniques of some using A as the first name in order to get top spots in yellow pages.

Legal Implications

Legal implications must also be taken into consideration. Once you have already chosen your target photography business name, you need to register it. Each places as well as states in some parts of the world have their own policies regarding the registration of business name. It is also essential that before you register your business name, you conduct a research if there are similar business names to what you have existing in your place. This is done in order to avoid conflict later on.


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