Mural Painting Business

Mural painting is one of the most attractive types of art that is exceptionally striking to perceive. Generating profit from art is considered to be timeless struggles of numerous artists from all time.

This is because the artistic urge isn’t always in accordance to the commercial demands, so if you are a painter have the desire to start a mural painting business there are numerous means on how your painting can be sold like selling them to government agencies and private companies.

Understand the Difference of Art and Commerce

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to recognize the difference of commerce and art. As you know, paintings that are sold as art are usually acquired for various reasons than the painting that are sold as adornment for a certain business. In any sort of business, they don’t want anything into their walls that can be offensive or controversial to certain customers. It is best to make a portfolio of your arts that fit the type of business you want to trade.

Advertise Your Work

Another thing to remember is to begin with “for sale” and pro bono paintings. Most business will not only want to see your art work but they also wanted to determine that you are in-demand painter or not. You can start by soliciting local restaurants and coffee houses to display your mural painting for free. As much as possible, put some price tags if it is appropriate or put a small note for customers who may have the interest on your painting. By this you can assure to catch potential customers. This can also be the start for you to be noticed.

The Power of Internet Advertising

The internet is one of the most powerful tools on how your business can be recognized or noticed. There are large web marketing sites like eBay that host the mural painting artwork without the cost of the traditional gallery space. You can also provide an artwork for commission. Sell different sizes, types and kinds of mural paintings that are available in various prices.

Ask Government Agencies

The next way to catch the attention of prospect customer is to approach your local government agencies. Many government offices use mural painting as the center of decoration for their space. So it is best to visit your local government agencies if they need mural painting. In fact you can also make a contract or make a deal with them. Be sure to show your portfolio so that they will be interested in your services.

Legal Responsibilities

Don’t forget your legal responsibilities like taking care of the proper financial and legal aspects of a business. Every business requires permits, license, business name and other important means. This will help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.


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